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SureFlap Microchip Small Dog & Cat Door

By SureFlap
Rated 3.5333 out of 5 stars
Color: White

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  • Flap door knows your pets’ unique microchip or collar tag id and only opens for them; sized for small dogs and large cats.
  • Flap stays locked for any other animal, keeping unwanted animals safely and securely out of your home.
  • Easy to program with just one button and can remember up to 32 different pets; compatible with all microchips or RFID collar tags.
  • Lets you control your pets’ comings and goings, with different modes including curfew mode which locks and unlocks automatically at a set time.
  • Easy to install on any door, window, or wall and includes a RFID collar tag for a pet that’s not microchipped; batteries not included.

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Learn More About SureFlap From Our Team of Experts

Use SureFlap Dog & Cat Door Mounting Adapter for installation in glass doors, windows, or walls.

Questions & Answers

40 Customer Questions

Can this door be programmed to let one cat out but keep the others in?
Answer by ChewyAug 28, 2018
Program your cat's microchip at the touch of a button. You cat's microchip is then permanently stored in memory. The cat flap remains locked for cats that are not programmed in the system and wildlife.

If I set it to curfew mode, but my cat is still outside after curfew, can it come back in? Or does curfew mode completely lock the door, both in and out?
Answer by ChewyNov 06, 2017
At the selected lock time the pet door will be set to “in only”, meaning the cat is still able to enter the house after the lock time but can't leave again.

Does this come in extra large?
Answer by ChewyJul 05, 2018
This door is only available in one size at this time.

How is the intruder mode different? I thought the door stays locked unless unlocked when pet passes through. We have a raccoon problem, so, so this is a needed feature!
Answer by ChewyJun 25, 2021
Once programmed, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door will only allow entry for your pet(s), denying access to intruder animals. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door also has a number of custom modes to accommodate less common requirements. Select Custom Mode 5 to provide further protection against intruder animals. This mode registers the presence of an intruder trying to enter the house and closes the outer lock to prevent the door being pulled open or outwards. This mode is only needed in very rare cases of very persistent and very dexterous intruder animals.

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Rated 3.5333 out of 5 stars
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45 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By SteveT on Jan 9, 2023

Patience pays off

This larger electronic pet door is superior to the smaller model found on other websites, also manufactured by the Sureflap company. This one is large enough for our big cat, and it's great that it has many possible modes. In particular, the mode where the locks will stay open for 10 seconds after triggered by the pet is worth the price. It took 2 months of patient training for our big cat to get used to it. At first we ran it so that the locks would not trigger, because the sound would scare him. Then we set it to trigger, but kept the latches taped down, so it would still function either direction without needing to be triggered. That got him used to the sound of the latches. For the last 3 weeks, we've run it fully enabled, and he's using it like a champ. For our purposes, it's just to keep all but one of our indoor cats from getting into the garage, where one cat's box and hangout is located. He's a good boy, and will not get into trouble in the garage, but the other cats would, and they could also escape if the garage door is opened. Highly recommended! Other reviewers have complained that the mechanism does not work in both directions. Because a "tunnel" is required to detect an RFID tag, the door would require two tunnels to detect chips in both directions. That would significantly add to the cost of the unit. If you want to have a two-way system, you're going to have to have some sort of an "airlock," and install two of these units, one on one side, the other on the other side, oriented so that they face in opposite directions.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Phdgamergirl on Jan 1, 2023

Takes too long to unlock

This would be awesome if there was a way to set sensitivity. As it is, it requires my pet to press her head literally against the flap for at least 2-3 seconds before it clicks to unlock. She's not learning how to come back in through it because she doesn't understand. The sensitivity needs to be turned up substantially. As it is, it's a waste of money.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Raccoonless on Oct 30, 2022

Just What We Needed!

We’ve used this door for about a year to ensure that our outdoor cats can access their enclosed, climate controlled porch - and we love it! They learned how to use the door almost immediately and seemed happy they no longer had to share the food dish with the neighborhood possums or raccoons. A couple weeks ago, we thought the door had finally been outsmarted by an enterprising raccoon- but no! It had one more trick up its sleeve that has kept the little trash pandas off the cats’ porch. There is a setting that still allows the cats to access the porch normally, but when any animal without an approved microchip tries to pull the door open, the outer locks engage and prevent entry. Once the would-be intruder leaves, the outer locks retract, leaving only the regular, inner ones. Brilliant! We don’t use the curfew/timer settings, so I can’t speak to that, but I can say this door has absolutely surpassed our expectations. For us, it was completely worth the price!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By kimmykat on Nov 7, 2022

really works

When a friendly neighborhood cat figured out our cat door and decided to "join" our other cats inside, it was fine until we realized why he had been banished from his house. He was a big-time marker. We did a lot of research before deciding on this and it did it's job. The only drawback is that it took my cats some time to get used to the fairly loud click when it unlocks.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By otto on Oct 17, 2022

No More Skunks

I was hoping this would be the solution for a skunk that kept coming in through the cat door's flap, and it is. I had a carpenter install it and a technician nerd read the instructions to program it, but once the "learn mode" recognized my cat's chip, it's all good. I also like the two click feature. First click he's coming in, second click it's locked again. I couldn't be happier with it.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Myrrh on Aug 29, 2022

Huge mistake cutting a hole in our house.

Be sure to read the detailed differences between the cat door & pet door; it is not just size. The cat door size will let you lock some pets in while letting others out. The pet door size lets all pets out unless the door is locked to all pets going out. When we made a SureFlap account to be able to access the forum, there were multiple similar complaints.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Spyke on Jul 6, 2022

Outstanding Customer Service

I was cleaning my cat's door and accidentally got water in the electronics. I used a blow dryer and submerged the electronics in rice. It still worked, except you could only see half of the display. The display is a small PC board that disconnects rather easily. I called Sureflapcare and asked if I could buy the Display PC board. Nope, they shipped it off to me free. Excellent product, and customer service.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Kathy on Jan 16, 2023

Great little door

Very easy to set up, just right for my two small dogs.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By LauraD on Mar 29, 2022

Do not install with their screws!

The screws started stripping out upon installation. Save yourself a lot of trouble and go to the hardware store and buy replacements. Also, we have two small dogs that we wanted to give outdoor privileges to but a cat that is not allowed out. Purposely installed it backwards. Now only animals with the RFID chip can exit and any animal that can squeeze through the door can enter. Works in our situation because the dogs are terrors (Terriers). So no critters from outside our household even go in the yard much less try the door.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Sadyana on Mar 24, 2022

Exactly what we needed.

We bought this Small Dog/Large Cat Microchip Pet Door to let our cats in and keep other animals out. Neighbor cats, feral cats, and a possum have all visited our pet food bowls. This door was easy to install. My husband cut out a shape and drilled some holes. He used his ‘sawzall’. It was also easy to set up. Push a button for learning mode, it reads the microchip close to it, registers it, then switches automatically to locked mode. The locking sound was surprisingly loud, but we all got used to it quickly. In fact, our boy cat has better manners now because he has to wait for it to unlock instead of hitting the door full speed. The girls were skittish about the noise at first, but only for a couple of days. The chip reader requires the animal be very close to it, and sometimes we hear the latch open and close a few times before a cat comes in or goes out. That’s just because they like to look through the door and be coy and all cat-like about it. We considered the battery issue and were worried the cats might get locked out if the door suddenly lost power, so decided it was worth it to change the batteries on a schedule to avoid the worry. The door is working perfectly, and one by one, the regular space invaders learned they could no longer come in. The house feels better too, safer somehow. 10/10 (This was originally formatted with line breaks, but the website takes them out. )