Tetra Lifeguard All-in-One Bacterial & Fungus Treatment

By Tetra
Rated 4.9333 out of 5 stars
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Tetra Lifeguard All-in-One Bacterial & Fungus Treatment, 12 count slide 1 of 8
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Tetra Lifeguard All-in-One Bacterial & Fungus Treatment, 12 count slide 1 of 8

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Rated 4.9333 out of 5 stars
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About This Item

  • Treats broad spectrum of fish diseases
  • Contains powerful oxidizer and will treat ick, fungus, mouth rot, and more
  • Convenient pre measured tablets
  • Use as a preventative, may be used when adding new fish
  • Treats up to 12 gallons

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Fish TypeTropical FreshwaterTropical Freshwater, Marine Fish, Betta...Tropical Freshwater, Goldfish, Cichlid, Bottom FeederMarine Fish, Tropical FreshwaterMarine Fish, Tropical Freshwater
Aquarium TypeFreshwaterFreshwater, SaltwaterFreshwaterSaltwater, FreshwaterSaltwater, Freshwater

Questions & Answers

30 Customer Questions

Is this product safe for african dwarf frogs and aquatic plants?
Answer by ChewyJan 25, 2019
This product is only intended for use with freshwater fish that have scales.

Are snails affected by this product? would I need to remove them?
Answer by ChewyJan 25, 2019
The snails would need to be removed as this product is not suitable scaleless fish, invertebrates (shrimp, snails, etc.), or newly set up tanks.

What are the active ingredients?
Answer by ChewyJan 29, 2019
The active ingredients are 1-Chloro-2,2,5,5- tetramethyl-4 - imidazolidinone.

In the description, it says it treats up to 12 gallons, is this per box or per capsule?
Answer by ChewyMay 29, 2020
This product treats 12 gallons of water per box.

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Rated 4.9333 out of 5 stars
15 Reviews
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15 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By kittykat on Jul 30, 2021

fishy stuff

The fish supplies we buy from chewy helps the aquarium stay healthy for the fish.Also the frisco cat scratcher is really sturdy. We bought a couple of them the cats use them alot. Also chewy has very reasonable prices.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Guopies on Aug 4, 2021


This is a remarkable product when first recieving any fish to be used during g the quarantine prosser. I highly recommend this as an added medication to your arsenal.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By star on Jun 27, 2021

The BEST for fuzzy fins, fin rot or Betta turning grey!

Kanaplex did NOTHING!! Original lifeguard did nothing! New lifeguard all in one HALO is the best you can get for most gosh diseases! Trust me! I have a Betta business called Fish Fairie fun house. I use this weekly for most diseases

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Cindy on Feb 24, 2021


Bought this for my African Cichlid. I bought a smaller bottom feeder to put in with my cichlid. Little did I know, it had some sort of parasite/fungul issue. After just 3 days my cichlid whom I have had for 4 years with no issues, developed a sore on his side and it had what looked like cotton around the edges. After 5 days of treatment with this, he has perked up considerably and is doing much better. His colors are coming back :)

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Amanda on Jan 15, 2021

Lives to swim another day!

I received two Comet goldfish for Christmas a year ago and just after the holidays this year, my female developed fungus and passed away. I didn't have the money to save her in time. Then I noticed my male exhibiting the same symptoms and I was worried. Luckily the stimulus check came just in time! One treatment, 50% water change, new filters and two days later, he was back to his normal, active self! Eating all his food and rearranging my plants! Lol.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By kyra on Feb 28, 2021

Excellent & Trustworthy!

Easy treatments and it works! Would recommend if you notice your fish is acting strange or as a preventive measure when adding new fish!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Chancyb on Sep 3, 2019

Used for fin rot

The first treatment I did, my betta was already well and swimming again. Going to do the rest of the treatments and hope his fins start growing back. I reccomend this product.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lisa on May 15, 2019

It worked!

I had a nasty case of ich and my mollies were dying one by one, after I introduced 1 new molly from large pet chain store.. I had 2 mollies and 2 angelfish left in the tank when I started this treatment, both mollies barely moving and laying near death on bottom of tank and angelfish clearly not feeling well and rubbing themselves on the plants and rocks. I followed instructions on the package and took note of the progress of each day. Day 1: first application - water is a bit cloudy but I'm thinking this is due to removing carbon filter before applying the product. Day 2: Second application at 24 hours - water a bit more cloudy than the day before, Angelfish no longer rubbing themselves on plants and rocks and both have a bit more energy and are eating well. I can clearly see that all fish have hardly any ICH parasites on them anymore. 1st Molly moving around a bit more but staying at bottom of tank, 2nd Molly no change. Later that day in the evening, I gave another feeding and 1st Molly suddenly got up, swam slowly to the top and started eating. He hovered near the top all night. Day 3: No change in water from the day before. I examined all fish closely and I see no more signs of ICH. Third application, Angelfish seem fine. 1st Molly has tons of energy and moving around the tank, eating well and hovering near the air stone frequently. 2nd Molly no change. Day 4: 1st Molly is completely back to normal and no longer near air stone. 2nd Molly got up finally, and swimming around a bit as well as hovering near air bubble at top of tank most of the time..but not eating. the 3 other fish are completely fine. No change in water.l Day 5: 2nd Molly died, all other fish normal and healthy and hungry. 1 week later - no signs of illness. all the fish are completely healthy and I added a tiger barb from another tank and he's fine as well. This is an excellent product that works great!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By cheryljean65 on May 1, 2018

Good Medicine

After treating my fantail goldfish as directed they are now very active whereas before they were just sitting at the bottom of the tank.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Christine on Mar 5, 2018

Probably saved quite a few

I was losing fish at about one a day but unfortunately was unsure what the true problem was. As this is a broad spectrum product I decided to give it a try. While the water did turn cloudy because of having to remove the chemical filtration, the rest of the fish in my 60 gallon tank perked up. Following a five day course I did a partial water change and vacuumed the gravel well and everyone has been happy and healthy since. I would definitely recommend.