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Wisdom Panel Essential Breed Identification DNA Test for Dogs

By Wisdom Panel
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This Item - Wisdom Panel Essential Breed Identification DNA Test for Dogs
Rated 4.4254 out of 5 stars
$79.99Chewy Price

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About This Item

  • Find out which breeds are represented in your dog’s genes and trace her ancestry back to her great-grandparents through comparison to a dog DNA database built from samples of over 1.7 million other dogs.
  • Learn about potential medical complications and adverse reactions to medications with over 25 medical complication tests, including the MDR1 medication sensitivity test, which only Wisdom Panel is licensed to provide.
  • Discover her ideal weight range based on her DNA so you can help her maintain a healthy weight.
  • See what physical traits she’s likely to possess in adulthood and why—all due to her genetic makeup.
  • Testing is easy and fast using a simple swab of the insides of her cheeks, and results typically arrive in as few as 3 weeks.

About Wisdom Panel Essential DNA Test

Know More. Care Better.

Science has a lot to say about your pup. The Wisdom Panel Essential DNA test helps decode your dog’s genetic data to reveal vital insights about his breed ancestry, traits and health. Because the more you know about your dog, the better you can tailor training, nutrition and health care to meet his unique needs!

Breed Mix Reported Down to 1%

Lab mix? Designer dog? Wonder no more. The Wisdom Panel Essential test screens for over 350 breeds, types and varieties and reports breed mix down to 1%. The test references one of the largest breed databases—a key factor in DNA test accuracy—so you’ll finally be able to confidently answer the question: “What kind of dog is that?”

35+ Trait Tests

From a short snout to a bushy tail, every dog displays traits that are uniquely him. Unravel the mysteries of your pup’s appearance and dig into the “why” behind his coat type, eye color, body shape, ideal weight and more. Your furry companion is fascinating and deserves to be known and understood on a deeper level!

Over 25 Health Tests, Too

What if you could anticipate health risks before they become a problem? The Wisdom Panel Essential dog DNA test helps detect key genetic disorders and medical complications like multi-drug sensitivity (MDR1), so you can proactively plan for your pup’s well-being and see what may lie ahead.

About Wisdom Panel

Many pet parents choose Wisdom Panel for their doggie DNA needs. Why? Because after more than 20 years of research and genotyping over two million dogs, Wisdom Panel has experience they can rely on for the genetic knowledge they need. Get ready to plan better, care smarter, love longer and make the best choices at every stage of life with this revolutionary dog DNA service!
About Wisdom Panel

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Questions & Answers

34 Customer Questions

What is the difference between this test and the 3.0 test?
Answer by ChewyMay 20, 2020
The Wisdom Panel Essential product includes breed detection down to 1%, as well as genetic testing for 29 known health conditions, while the Wisdom Panel 3.0 includes breed detection back to the third generation (or great-grandparent level) and testing for the MDR1 genetic mutation associated with drug resistance.

I have four dogs in one house. Does this test require the dog being tested drink from a separate water bowl than the rest of the dogs? And if so, for how long will I need to keep her separate from drinking after them to make sure her sample isn’t contaminated?
Answer by ChewyAug 02, 2020
We recommend waiting at least an hour after the pup has eaten, shared a water bowl, or shared a toy with another dog before swabbing, in order to ensure that the sample is not contaminated. Additionally, we advise separating the dogs during this time.

I would like to know exactly what my mixed breed puppy is down to percentages, will this test good be me a breakdown of all his breeds?
Answer by ChewyMar 10, 2021
This Wisdom Panel Essential test includes breed detection down to 1%.

Do you need to pay labratory when you send in sample ?
Answer by ChewyAug 25, 2020
There is no additional fee. The pre-paid shipping label has already been placed on the carton so you simply seal and place with the outgoing mail.

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Rated 4.4254 out of 5 stars
677 Reviews
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677 Customer Reviews

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Izzy on Sep 24, 2022

Disappointed results

I was so excited when I read the reviews on how accurate this test was before I had selected it. Boy was I disappointed when I got the results. Nothing made any sense at all. The results showed 17% Chow chow, 14% American pit bull, 16 Shih Tzu and many more. I find it hard to believe that there is only 3% dachshund since her mother was a dachshund mix and the sire or sires are unknown. Izzy is short legged with a long snout and tail. The results state her traits are short snout and tail. Izzy had a vet visit yesterday and I shared the results with the vet, he laughed and said she shows traits of dachshund and another small breed. I am totally disappointed and feel like a big waste of my money and would never recommend to anyone.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lollie on Sep 14, 2022

Provides A Wealth of Information About Your Dog!!

This Wisdom Panel DNA test provided so much information about my dog. It helped me understand him so much better. He turned out to be a mix of 17 breeds! The results are so thorough, breaking the different breeds down to levels as low as 1%! My pup is a rescue that was thought to be Jack Russell/Border collie. Turned out he's 22% miniature poodle, 19% chihuahua 13% pug, 10% Yorkie 6% Cocker spaniel Wow! This certainly explains some of his traits. It is simple to perform the test. It comes with 2 brush swabs that you rub between your dog's cheek and gums. These are put back into the pre paid box and mailed. My results were back in just under 2 weeks. The Wisdom panel also includes in depth information on each of the specific breeds that your dog is made up of. Many of my dog's breeds are made up of companion breeds that do not like to be left alone. That explains his velcro dog behavior and separation anxiety! I was also relieved to know that he had no genetic health issues. The results also included information on 15 of my dog's distant relatives. The traits said that he was likely to have a curly white spotted coat with floppy ears, which was all true. This test was so much fun! We had a reveal gathering with our family. I now know why my dog has wild wiry hair, a curly tail, turned out front paws, and a black and white spotted coat. If you are curious about your dog's breed mix, I highly recommend this test. I was very satisfied with my experience with Wisdom panel. Now all of my friends are ordering these for their own dogs!

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By christina on Aug 26, 2022

Not accurate

I rescued him from a shelter as a puppy and it was known that the mother was a German shepherd, father unknown. Test claims he's 40% pitbull and terrier mix, and that both parents were a Pitbull/terrier mix. 17% chow chow and only 6% German shepherd and low percentage of other breeds. I do not believe this test is accurate. If you see the photos, it's clear, he has a higher percentage of shepherd. Disappointed that I wasted my money.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Carri on Sep 23, 2022

Best decision I ever made buying this DNA Test for my dog!

We adopted my 11 month old rescue Lola, they told us she was a Chihuahua Terrier mix. The features didn't match, so we took this test. We found out she was mixed with large breed dogs and only 40% Chihuahua. We also found out a lot about her health and close by relatives. I thank God for this test, it put us at ease knowing more about our little baby!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Sandy on Sep 25, 2022

Worked great

When we got our girl, Buttercup we were told she was a Yorkie terrier mix. I didn't see much Yorkie in her so I ordered a Wisdom Panel. Sure enough She was mostly Yorkie and Miniature Pinscher along with a small percentage of other breeds. I believe they nailed it with her breed.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Danielle16C on Sep 26, 2022

DNA test !

The DNA test arrived quickly and was easy to administer. The results took 2 weeks. Don't wait for an email with your results, just look at your account. I'm pretty sure my results were there for a while but I was waiting for an email. We are thrilled to ne able to tell people know our dog's breed mix!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By shepherdmom on Aug 13, 2022

worked well, company updates with new info!

I bought and administered the test a year ago and at the time shipping and processing were all great. They gave me a detailed breakdown for her breed, good info on characteristics, I think I paid extra to upgrade to see health conditions. Loved that I had that option after the fact. Here’s where it gets cooler: several months later, I get an email saying they updated their algorithm so they have more accurate data now! Her breed makeup didn’t change significantly but I was SO impressed that they kept updating us. Really respect the scientific approach there. Absolutely would recommend. The 4/5 stars is because I can’t actually say how accurate the test is but the company seems great and if they see this review and want to send me a second test so we can verify accuracy that would be awesome and I would be happy to post my results/raise this up to a 5-star review!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Becca on Jul 30, 2022

Beyond pleased

I was beyond pleased with every step of the process! Firstly, the delivery driver set my package over my gate not realizing the dog out back pottying was a chewer, ha. So it was chewed up. I emailed requesting a replacement offering to pay for shipping but was quickly sent a new one at no cost that came fast! I was so eager for the results and it was so fun reading about all 14 breeds my dog has in him! Thank you so much Wisdom Panel! I wondered for 6 years what my rescued from Tijuana mutt was, and the results make perfect sense and were amazing!! I love my lil Chow Chow mix and appreciate Wisdom Panel very much!!!

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Patty on Sep 22, 2022


Sent in a sample of a dog that I know to be a doberman/greyhound mix. The test result came back with the results being 15 breeds and greyhound wasn't even on the list. It's like they randomly chose whatever breeds they wanted and through them in there. Waste of money!!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Bubba on Sep 29, 2022

You get what you pay for

I chose this bc the price was low. The turn around time is up to 10 days for them to receive back PLUS an additional 2 to 3 weeks for testing. If youre able to, spend the extra money and get the better one. None of which is fault from Chewy.