Yesterday's News Original Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter, 15-lb bag

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Rated 4.138 out of 5 stars
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No Longer Available
This item may be discontinued. We're not sure when it will be available again.

About This Item


  • Made with pellets of recycled paper, which makes for a smaller ecological footprint.
  • Ideal for everyday use, and the low-tracking formula keeps your kitty from leaving traces of his potty-time wherever he goes.
  • Eco-friendly litter is 3 times more moisture-absorbent than clay.
  • Utilizing recycled paper makes this formula 99.7% dust-free—so you and your kitty can breathe easy!
  • Light on your wallet, but tough on odors to keep your home as fresh as possible.

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Play Video: Learn More About Yesterday's News From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Yesterday's News From Our Team of Experts

About Yesterday's News Cat Litter

Eco-Friendly and Absorbent

Yesterday’s News clumping and non-clumping paper litter varieties are eco-friendly options made with recycled paper. These vet-recommended litters reuse thousands of tons of paper, wood and corrugate waste each year while providing high absorbency and the reliable performance you expect. Choose the litter box filler that’s healthy for you, your cat, your home and our world.

Non-Toxic, Low-Dust and Eco-Conscious Formulas

Yesterday’s News litters are made to be safe and gentle for your cat and convenient and clean for you. They come in several varieties to fit every preference and they are all eco-friendly, so you can feel good no matter which one you choose.

A Healthy Choice

These recycled paper litters are non-toxic, gentle on your cat’s paws and made without harmful chemicals.

99.9% Dust-Free Litter

Keep your home free from dusty paw prints with these low-dust, lightweight and easy-to-use paper litters.

Eco-Friendly Formula

Each litter is made with recycled paper and packaged in a 100% recyclable paper bag to help minimize impact on the environment.

Multiple Varieties

Whether you prefer clumping or non-clumping, scented or unscented litter, Yesterday’s News has a variety for you.

About Yesterday's News

In 1987, Purina's Yesterday's News cat litter was created to provide cat owners with a unique litter alternative. Today, their litter has become U.S. veterinarian's #1 choice among eco-friendly cat litters. This brand is unique because they take materials that could potentially end up in a waste stream and transform them into cat litter that is healthy for your cat, your home and the environment.
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Questions & Answers

31 Customer Questions

How do I scoop out urine (absorbed) soiled litter if it settles at the bottom?
Answer by ChewyJul 20, 2019
Liquid waste is absorbed from the bottom of the pan. Remove the soiled pellets when they have absorbed the liquid and have fully expanded in size. Scoop solid waste from the top of the litter box daily and replace the litter weekly.

How long will 5 lbs, 15 lbs, and 30 lbs last if I use 1.5" of litter and change it twice a week? Thanks!
Answer by ChewyJul 25, 2018
The amount of time the litter would last depends on many factors. For example, this may change depending on how many meals your pet eats, how often they use the litter box and how many cats are in the household. The amount of water they drink is another factor as well.

Since this is made of paper, can you flush it?
Answer by ChewyAug 12, 2018
It's not recommended to flush this litter.

Since you can’t scoop out the urine, how long can this sit with two cats using it before it needs to be dumped?
Answer by ChewyMay 07, 2018
For best results it's recommended that the litter box is cleaned daily. This litter will require weekly replacement.

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Rated 4.138 out of 5 stars
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891 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Sherriu22 on Apr 19, 2023

Sorely missed!

This was the absolute best litter. I used it for over 20 years. Now that ive been forced to use other paper litters, it only makes me miss it more! It The pellets had a high polish on them, and that seems to be what made this work better than other paper pellet litters. I have 1 very old bag, when the packaging was green w/green leaves. I'm saving it just in case.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By kaelyn on Oct 26, 2022

RIP to the best litter

literally so sad this has been discontinued. my kitties have only ever used this litter and i'm not sure what to switch to. really bad idea to discontinue this imo!

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Jacki on Jul 18, 2022

Not meant for sifting boxes

I probably should have read the instructions thoroughly before purchasing, but it’s not meant for a sifting box. It takes a longgg time for the pellets to absorb urine, so the urine dripped to the bottom pan and sat there. I tried to adjust my setup by putting a layer of pellets on the pan but i still had a lot of odor problems. Also separating soiled pellets out of the litter box with a scoop seems difficult. I’ve switched back to Feline Pine and life is much better

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By ehlerzajane on May 30, 2022

Perfect for CKD Kitty!

I have a hospice kitty with renal lymphoma who is on daily subcutaneous fluid treatments. He drinks and urinates a LOT. Using our go-to clumping clay litter wasn’t working for him - he would flood the box with urine, meaning litter got caked on his paws (and everywhere his paws went afterward), stuck to the side of the box, and we were going through litter so quickly. I had experience using Yesterdays News litter for diabetic cats in the past, and it has been a life saver! It absorbs so much more urine than clay litter, doesn’t smell, and if it is tracked at all, I only have to pick up a few stray pellets vs. a trail of sand and dust. I just scoop out poo and any heavily saturated areas, then stir the remainder of the used bits in with the rest of the box. Once there are more used pellets than intact ones, I empty the box and start over. My old boy doesn’t mind using it, either!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By CatTrio on Jun 28, 2022

Please Bring This Back

I have been using this litter the entire time I've had cats. I tried other pellets when I had foster kittens but nothing controls odor as well as this! It doesn't track too much. Most importantly this is what my cats prefer. Please bring this line of litter back, the new stuff is not good.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Smallchange on May 22, 2022

Yesterday’s News Review

From the day I adopted my AKC registered Pug(Tinzley ~Jane) I began to Litter train her using Yesterday’s News. Yes, I said “PUG” ~ I litter trained my dog.. lol Tinzley is now 20 month old & although she prefers to go outside ~ some days I just cannot physically do all the steps & Yesterday’s News comes to the rescue. We have tried other brands but YN is the best!! No nasty odor, easy clean up, simple to snatch up a poo deposit & this litter does NOT stain or cause an odor to my dogs feet(massive bonus) hope this helps someone ~

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By icatty on May 8, 2022

No Dust and hardly ever any tracking.

I’m sick of all the dust from so many types of clumping cat litter and had to give this a try. It took awhile for the cats to get used to the smell and feel of this litter, but they’ve gotten used to it now. I love the fact that it is much less dusty and tracking is, minimal. Cleaning the boxes is more of a chore, but I can tolerate that if I don’t have to find dust everywhere. It’s absorbent, but there isn’t any clumping and they don’t cover their poops. I clean the boxes several times a day and change the litter out completely in about 4 or 5 days for the 3 cats. The problem now is that this litter is being discontinued by Purina, so I’ll be trying to find a similar product at a reasonable price.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars