Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb Recipe Cat Food

By Ziwi
Rated 3.9908 out of 5 stars
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Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb Recipe Cat Food, 2.2-lb bag slide 1 of 6
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Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb Recipe Cat Food, 2.2-lb bag slide 1 of 6

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Rated 3.9908 out of 5 stars
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About This Item

  • Safely air-dried and ready to serve, this single-protein recipe contains whole-prey ratios of 96% meat, organs, bone and New Zealand green mussels.
  • Grain free and nutrient dense, this recipe packs more power than raw food or kibble into a smaller serving size. Plus, it's made without added carbs or fillers!
  • Naturally promotes mobility, vitality and overall well-being with 10% superfood inclusions of cold-washed green tripe, New Zealand green mussels, and organic kelp.
  • Serve as a complete meal for peak nutrition or as a tasty topper to furry friends of all ages and breed types.
  • All free-range meats and wild-caught fish are ethically and sustainably sourced without added hormones, antiobiotics or growth promotants.
Play Video: Learn More About Ziwi From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Ziwi From Our Team of Experts

About Ziwi Peak Pet Food

The Ziwi Difference

Ziwi carefully crafts their food to mirror the whole-prey, meat-rich diet dogs and cats require for a long, happy, healthy life. Their small, dedicated team proudly handcrafts Ziwi in small batches each day. With a passion for pets around the world, they are driven to put the very best of their New Zealand home into every recipe.

Free-Range, Grass-Fed

All ingredients are sourced from the green, free-range farms and blue, pristine oceans of New Zealand. Meats are sourced from humane, ethical and sustainably managed local farms. And fish is caught in the southern oceans of New Zealand, strictly managed to ensure maximum sustainability.

Air-Dried Recipes

Ziwi naturally preserves their dry dog and cat food by air-drying it, eliminating the need for artificial preservatives, salts, sugars or glycerines. Their slow, gentle, twin stage air-drying process results in a food that's as nutrient-dense and digestible as a completely raw diet, but safe and clean to handle, and can store for up to 21 months. A little goes a long way, the recipes are so packed with the good stuff

Moist Meal Options

Ziwi has moist dog and cat food recipe options too, Ziwi implements a small batch canning process to deliver high meat and moisture-rich recipes at higher can weights using the same free-range proteins that can be stored for up to three years.

Only the Good Stuff

Made with your pet's health in mind, Ziwi is made with absolutely no grains, corn, wheat, soy, rice, rendered meats, animal meals, meat by-products, cheap filler ingredients, starches like white potatoes and sweet potatoes, ethoxyquin, pea protein, salt, sugar, glycerine, artificial flavors or colors, antibiotics, growth hormones, or ingredients from China. Just pure New Zealand goodness that helps your pet thrive.

Happy Joints, Happy Pets

All Ziwi recipes include 3% New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels, a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin which support long-term joint health. The Green-Lipped Mussel may only be found in New Zealand, where it is farmed using ecologically-sustainable practices.

About Ziwi

Ziwi is proudly 100% family owned, with kitchens located in beautiful New Zealand in the small coastal town of Mount Maunganui on the North Island and the rolling hills of Christchurch on the South Island. Ziwi's mission is to deliver pet food and treats that are carefully crafted to mirror the whole-prey, meat-rich diet that dogs and cats need for a long, happy, healthy life.
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Top IngredientsLamb, Lamb Heart, Lamb Tripe...Mackerel, Lamb, Lamb Heart...Venison, Venison Tripe, Venison Heart...Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney...Chicken, Chicken Liver, Chicken Heart...
Special DietLimited Ingredient Diet, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Grain-Free...Limited Ingredient Diet, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Grain-Free...Limited Ingredient Diet, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Grain-Free...Limited Ingredient Diet, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Grain-Free...Limited Ingredient Diet, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Grain-Free...
Food FlavorLamb, MeatMackerel, Lamb, Meat, Seafood & FishVenison, MeatBeef, MeatChicken, Poultry
Food FormAir-Dried, DehydratedAir-Dried, DehydratedAir-Dried, DehydratedAir-Dried, DehydratedAir-Dried, Dehydrated
Health FeatureN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Packaging TypeN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Questions & Answers

19 Customer Questions

Would I be able to use this food for ferrets?
Answer by ChewyDec 30, 2017
This food is specifically formulated for cats.

Is the lamb raw and dried or cooked then dried?
Answer by ChewyOct 10, 2017
Ziwi mixes their raw ingredients together, then lays them flat on trays, and places them in special air driers. The food gently air dries over many hours at a low temperature until it reaches the correct Aw (water activity level) to create a safe shelf stable product.

How many calories are in a 1/2 cup of this food?
Answer by ChewyJun 01, 2019
This recipe contains approximately 159 calories per half scoop.

Would it be okay to mix this with Ziwi Peak's canned cat food? Or should it just be used alone?
Answer by ChewyFeb 27, 2020
If you wish to feed ZIWI Peak with another food such as raw meat, kibble, freeze dried, cans or any other food type you can at any ratio you like. ZIWI Peak can be fed in many different ways as your pet’s sole daily food, as a nutritious topper on your existing food or as a tasty treat.

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Rated 3.9908 out of 5 stars
109 Reviews
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109 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Catwhisperer on May 14, 2022

Good stuff for kitties

This is an updated review from the “shoe leather” review. I put this dry food in an old blender and ground it into tiny granules, then mixed it with some freeze-dried raw food, a bit of canned food, and warm water, and mixed it up. THEY LOVE IT! Since it’s highly concentrated, I only feed less than a teaspoon of the granules, plus the other foods. I keep it in an airtight glass jar to keep it fresh. The ingredients are phenomenal, so I’m glad I figured out a way to make this food work! I would’ve knocked off half a star for having to blend it, but it’s really not a big deal.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Gleama on May 3, 2022

Tough as shoe leather

I was attracted to this food because of the high quality ingredients, but if it’s too hard to eat, all those great ingredients are wasted. These little pellets are hard as shoe leather! I make a soupy mix of ingredients for my cats using broth or water with a tiny bit of butter, with some freeze-dried raw food, a bit of canned food, and their nutrients and ut health powder. I soaked these bits for hours in the fridge, but they’re still very tough. If my cats are very hungry they’ll swallow the bits whole, but most often they eat everything else and leave these. This food is far too expensive to go to waste. I had high hopes for this cat food, but sadly I won’t purchase again and can’t recommend. If they could make the bits chewable I’d try it again.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By MinionMama on Mar 28, 2022

Cats are not sure it's a winner

My cats initially thought this was great, but have taken to just picking at it over time instead of eating it at their mealtime. I have tried adding warm water or broth to it and it doesn't make them like it less or more, so not sure their reluctance. Ziwi makes excellent food so I hope my cats change their minds back, as this is pretty pricey, especially if they aren't willing to eat it

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By kate on Jan 28, 2022

We love this!

We have 2 cats, and after doing a little bit more research into what cats require, we decided to switch to wet food from this brand, only problem is my 2 year old cat is a kibble addict and hardly touches wet food. So we got her this and she loves it! For her size (10lbs) she gets 1.6 oz of food, a bag lasts a little under a month. She seems happier and more energetic

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By BeSt on Jan 13, 2022

Cat is not a fan.

My cat has been eating Feline Naturals for awhile and hoped that he would like Ziwi Peak since it's allegedly a better grade of food. Oliver won't touch it. I tried to sneak some into his meals and he eats around it. So sad since this company is doing great things for our fur babies. Oh well. Hopefully the strays like it.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By LynnS on Feb 23, 2022

Great Quality! My cats devour this food.

My cats love every meat option of this food. They have always tolerated it well and one kitty is super picky but he is also pleased.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By ChicagoCatLover on Sep 9, 2021

Ziwi Peak gets my cats to eat plain food

When my last cats died of kidney failure and gastrointestinal disease, I was determined to feed my kittens only the best from the start. Unfortunately the wet food doesn’t seem to be as the cheap cat food (kitty crack). So I’ve been putting a bit of Ziwi Peak on top of their wet food every morning. They now seem to love their wet food and very little is ever left in the bowl. I feel it’s healthy and that combined with the Natural Balance wet food, that they are getting the best diet I can afford.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By MeekachitaLove on Aug 18, 2021

No more seizures

Meekachita used to have seizures 2 or 3 time a month. Now no more seizures since she starts eating this food. It took time for her to get used to it, but she is eating it. The one she was eating before “Indoor cat food “ had less fat, high carb and rosemary extra which were making worse her seizures. Without seizures medication, this food has been helping her seizure. Ziwi food : Air dried Lamb is taking care of Meekachita’s seizures. Canned Rabbit &lamb is taking care of Panterita’s leukemia for years. Thank you very much for Ziwi’s great food and Chewy’s great services.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Tammy on Sep 13, 2021

So Far, So Good, esp for IBD

We have 3 cats. Overall, all 3 seem to Love the Lamb. We are still in transition, but I’m glad it’s strong smelling (it’s cat food, not perfume, & cats eat by scent). Orange kitty has had issues since March, maybe before. Diarrhea, lost weight, always hungry. White kitties (2) also seemed to be throwing up a lot, 1 had diarrhea. We changed their food at least 3 times with no success. Finally orange kitty was diagnosed with IBD. He was on an antibiotic which didn’t help, then a steroid, which helped a little but not enough to keep him on it (we’re phasing off). Enter Ziwi! He finally seems like he’s getting full and we think he had his first normal potty experience today, after over six months of issues! I did a lot of research on the best foods for IBD and Ziwi matched everything needed. I’ll update if necessary but so far, it’s worth it’s weight in gold! (They all also eat the canned).

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By popEye on Sep 13, 2021

My cats won’t even try it.

Ugh I’m so annoyed! Neither of my cats will give this food a chance. Toby can be picky so that wasn’t a huge surprise, but Carson usually eats anything. For some reason, he won’t touch this stuff.