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About This Item


  • This single-protein, moisture-rich, chunky pate contains whole-prey ratios of 92% meat, organs, bone, and New Zealand green mussels.
  • Grain-free recipe made without added carbohydrates like ptoato, soy or other cheap fillers, which are often linked to obesity, food allergies and other health concerns.
  • Naturally promotes mobility, vitality and overall well-being with 10% superfood inclusions of cold-washed green tripe, New Zealand green mussels, and organic kelp.
  • Serve as a complete meal for peak nutrition or as a tasty topper to furry friends of all ages and breed types.
  • All free-range meats and wild-caught fish are ethically sourced without added hormones, antiobiotics or growth promotants.

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Play Video: Learn More About ZIWI From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About ZIWI From Our Team of Experts

About ZIWI

Ready-to-Serve Raw Alternative

Air-dried recipes from ZIWI combine the nutrition of a raw diet with the convenience of dry food. Their slow and gentle air-drying technology locks in nutrients without the use of artificial preservatives. The result is protein-rich recipes suited for all breeds and life stages.

Peak Nutrition

Whether used as a complete balanced meal or bowl-boosting topper, ZIWI is crafted for peak nutrition. Authentic nutrient ratios match the biological needs of dogs and cats, while nutrient-dense formulas, with three portions of raw meat and organs in every portion of air-dried food, mean a little goes a long way!

Ethically and sustainably made In New Zealand

From our New Zealand farms and kitchens all the way to your pet’s bowl, we ensure we have 100% control of our raw ingredients and finished products, which are ethically and sustainably sourced under strict New Zealand farming standards. Each of our farmers believe wholeheartedly in their role as “Kaitiaki”, or guardians of the land, sea, and its creatures. 

PeakPrey Recipes

Made with no fillers or unwanted ingredients.

Z-Boost Superfoods

For the ultimate nutritional boost, each ZIWI Peak recipe features up to 46% superfoods, including tripe, New Zealand green-lipped mussels and organic kelp. These functional ingredients are a powerhouse source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support your pet’s long-term health.

Unmatched Inclusions

Protein-packed ZIWI air-dried recipes contain 96% meat, organ, bone and seafood—rich sources of highly digestible nutrients and amino acids like heart-healthy taurine and cartilage for joint support. Made without high-carb fillers like grains or potatoes, these recipes help support a healthy weight.

Benefits of a Carnivorous ZIWI Diet

Support Heart Function

Natural amino acids like taurine from organ meat help support heart health by fighting artery plaque buildup.

Skin & Coat Health

Collagen from bone contains antioxidants that help detoxify the liver, heal gut lining and allow natural absorption.

Healthy Digestion

Organic kelp provides a great source of iodine and minerals, for a healthy metabolism and reduced skin itchiness.

Joint Mobility

Green-lipped mussels, rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, help reduce inflammation to aid muscle and joint function.

Moisture-Rich Wet Food

ZIWI Peak wet foods are highly palatable and moisture-rich to support healthy kidney function and urinary health in pets. With a mouth-watering 91% meat, organs, green mussels and bone, these PeakPrey recipes are made to help your pet truly thrive. Crafted in a wide variety of recipes made without high glycemic ingredients or artificial binders, ZIWI Peak canned foods provide the perfect fuel for all your pet’s adventures.

About ZIWI

ZIWI is a global leader and innovator of air-dried nutrition. Ethically and sustainably sourced in New Zealand, ZIWI combines the nutrition of raw diets with the safe convenience of dry foods using their proprietary Z-Twintech air-drying process. They proudly craft air-dried and canned recipes for dogs and cats as well as a line of tasty treats and chews for dogs.


Questions & Answers

24 Customer Questions

How many percentage of chick pea in a can?
Answer by ChewyMar 20, 2018
After evaluating many different binding ingredients, Ziwi Peak's extensive research indicated that the healthiest solution was using a small amount of chickpea. Chickpea has natural binding properties, is high in protein and provides digestive benefits for both dogs and cats. The inclusion of chickpea has only increased the carbohydrate content by an average of 1.8% on an as-fed basis, and only half of the total carb content is from chickpea. The balance of the carbohydrate was already existing in the recipes and provided by their meats and kelp.

Are your cans BPA free?
Answer by ChewyMar 24, 2020
ZIWI Peak cans are made from tin with an internal lacquer. They are classed as BPA-NI which stands for BPA non intent. It means that no BPA is intentionally added into the lacquer. Additionally, there is no BPS used in the manufacturing of the cans.

What is phosphorous level in mg instead of dry matter basis. Thank you.
Answer by ChewyAug 22, 2019
This formula contains approximately 325 milligrams per 100 grams. 100 grams is equal to a 3.5 ounce can of this formula.

Is your venison wet food considered a raw diet or is it a cooked cat food?
Answer by ChewyMay 15, 2022
This is not a raw diet. During the canning process of ZIWI® Peak wet recipes, their foods are sealed and heated in order to preserve and stabilize the contents. They are then heated at the minimum temperature and time required to meet the international regulations for human and pet canned foods.

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Rated 3.8792 out of 5 stars
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265 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Carolina on Nov 14, 2023

Pawsome Choice for My Feline Friend

The reasons that I like this cat food are many. Its moisture-rich nature makes it easy for my cat to eat. The single-protein, grain-free recipe ensures that my feline friend gets the nutrition she needs without the fillers she doesn't. I love that it's ethically and sustainably sourced, putting my conscience at ease. The inclusion of superfoods is the cherry on top! It's a fantastic choice for any cat parent.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Shelly on Nov 14, 2023

Impressed with the Quality of Cat Food

After doing research, I decided to buy this cat food, and I couldn't be happier. What really stood out for me was the moisture-rich content. It keeps my cat hydrated and he seems to love it. The fact that it is a complete meal is a bonus! My cat gets all the necessary nutrients in one serving. Highly recommended for all cat owners!

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Ellie on Nov 8, 2023

cat hates it

The food costed me $78 for a case of 12... All 5 of my cats doesn't care or touch it. I have been used only 3 so far for 2 weeks. I tried transition a little bit on their old food but they always leave it alone. Now I don't know what to do with the rest...it's really expensive to be wasteful

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Vickster on Oct 3, 2023

Variances in this canned Venison....

...Depend of the season. When my cats refused to eat the canned Venison after eating this food exclusively for 2 years (the are siblings allergic to chicken and fish), I was shocked, because they had never refused this food. I emailed the company, which had been sold in February 2022, to see if they changed the food. But they said the formula was the same as before the sale but that there are variances in individual animals at different times of the year. Take note of that explanation, as well as the sale of the company.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By courtney on Nov 11, 2023

Quality Food, Could Be More Affordable

This is a good purchase because it's sustainably sourced which is a big plus for me. However, the price point could be a bit more affordable. Overall, it's a good product for those conscious about the environment and the health of their pets.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By dawn on Oct 13, 2023

Impressed by the Quality and Ethical Sourcing

The reason I think this is a really great product is because of its chunky pate texture that my cat absolutely loves. It's not just a treat, it's a complete meal which is important to me as a pet parent. Plus, it's ethically sourced, and I am all about supporting such initiatives. I'm really impressed with this cat food, it exceeded my expectations.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Caroline on Oct 5, 2023

Reliably High Quality Cat Food

My 19yo kitty was diagnosed with a chicken allergy when she was 12yo. So many of the wet cat foods have added chicken as an ingredient. Venison was a recommended alternative diet for her. Thankfully, she loves this food. I always add a little water to it and stir it in well to change the consistency for her. The venison is very dense. As well, it helps with her hydration.