Meet the Team

Behind the success of you’ll find a group of smart, tech-savvy, hardworking, talented, ambitious, funny, and customer-oriented people with a deep-rooted passion for pets.

Management Team

Ryan Cohen, Chief Executive Officer

For over 10 years, Ryan has been successfully engaged in high volume e-commerce. Ryan’s success is a result of his strong entrepreneurial spirit and uncanny ability to pick winning strategies, especially those that defy conventional wisdom. His determination and tenacity is backed by a tremendous amount of hands on experience and is fueled by unwavering passion and enthusiasm. 

As co-founder of, Ryan is the vision and passion of the company. His lifelong passion for helping animals is the driving force for creating His love and compassion for animals is clear in how he treats Tylee, an adorable miniature poodle who is always by his side, whether at the office, home cuddling in bed, or traveling with him around the world. She's treated and behaves like a true princess, and he wouldn't have it any other way. 


Michael Day, Chief Technology Officer

For the last 10 years, Michael Day has been working as a senior software architect and engineer focused on developing e-commerce software and technical specifications for high volume affiliate e-commerce businesses. 

Today, as co-founder and CTO of, Michael continues to use his extraordinary analytical and technological skills to design and build our systems and infrastructure for very high volume, extreme efficiency, security and reliability. We joke that Michael is a programming machine; if you saw him work, you'd understand why. Writing code at a blistering 150 wpm and calculating algorithms in the air while talking to himself, he's a true enigma to watch! Wickedly insightful, he's always way ahead of the curve and is responsible for all the technology and analytical efforts behind We consider Michael our Secret Weapon! 


Alan Attal, Chief Operating Officer

Along with an incredible passion for pets, Alan brings over 15 years experience in sales, branding, design, marketing, business analysis and strategy, customer relations, and management to His career in freelance and agency design and branding has involved him in hundreds of projects revolving around building brands, creating intuitive websites, managing complex application development projects, and solving marketing problems for clients across many different B2B and B2C markets.

He is a true entrepreneur with an unwavering can-do attitude and incredible ability to get just about anything done. He’s’s go-to-guy for everything. When he’s not busy juggling too many projects, he spends time spoiling his troop of 4 rescued cats and dogs. As the oldest on the team, he is jokingly referred to as ‘Dad.’


Ken Hara, Director of Supply Chain

With over 8 years of experience in Supply Chain Operations and 2 years in Sales and Marketing, Ken brings tremendous experience to Ken is responsible for all Supply Chain Operations with emphasis on inventory management as well as world-class service performance to our customers.  This includes the full management of our suppliers, inventory, and distribution centers as well as the timeliness of the outbound orders to our customers. In addition, he is also responsible for negotiating price discounts with our suppliers and improving our overall operations pricing model. 

When he’s done orchestrating all the moving parts of the supply chain, Ken spends his time hitting the weights, collecting v necks and high tops, and spoiling his rescue cat, South Beach Kitty. He also often jokes about having a ninja outfit; most of us actually think it’s true. 


Kelli Durkin, Director of Customer Service

With over 5 years in the home health care industry, focused primarily on Private Services, Kelli leads the Customer Service Department with one objective: wowing our customers by giving them the best customer service experience possible.

She brings a wealth of experience in service, sales, and HR to the team. Armed with a charming smile and slight southern twang, Kelli cares for our customers like she cared for her patients. She uses her strong management experience in building and maintaining customer-focused CSR teams to ensure that every customer knows their importance and has a voice within 

Kelli received her MBA from Webber International University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Business Administration from Erskine College in Due West, South Carolina. Kelli is 100% wholesome and can often be heard saying “oh gosh!” and “bless your heart”. We’re still waiting to hear her cuss.