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Family-owned and operated, NutriSource comes from a long line of animal lovers in the pet food industry. Starting in 1964 with Tuffy’s Dog Food Company, they launched NutriSource in 2007, which was their first premium pet food venture. The success was immediate, and that’s attributed to their strict quality control and dedication to using only the best ingredients. They feature a fully-equipped chemistry lab onsite that constantly monitors and tests the products, and their natural formulas are full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, fatty acids, and all the things that are good for pets—and none of the bad stuff. With a mission statement to enhance pet health with a superior diet, they offer a wide variety of tasty and nutritious recipes. Each formula is highly digestible to ensure pets are absorbing all the important nutrients. And since the nutrition is concentrated, dogs can actually eat less—as much as 2/3 less as other brands. That means lower cost, less waste, and happy, healthy pets.