Cat Window Perches

Does your kitty need a comfortable cat window perch where they can recline and enjoy their catnaps? While cat trees & condos are great for giving cats fun places to play hang out, sometimes cats enjoy having their own private perch with a view. A cat window perch can give your lovable feline the perfect spot to catch up on their sleep or a safe place to survey their domain and the great outdoors. When it comes to finding the right cat perch for your favorite kitty, there are a variety of designs to choose from depending on your cat’s needs. If you have an indoor cat that could do with a little more mental stimulation, then a cat window perch is a great idea. Chewy offers plenty of cat window perches that attach to the window or on the window sill, so that they stay securely in place. Or try the Oster Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed for a cot-style perch. If you have an active cat that needs a little more playtime, you can get a cat window perch that doubles as a scratcher, like the K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Scratcher Kitty Sill Cradle. For kitties whose favorite spots tend to be more secluded and hidden, Chewy offers enclosed cat perches and window cat houses. The K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Penthouse Window Cat House will give your cat a sense of security while they enjoy watching the wildlife outside. Cat parents that have more than one cat can even get a two-level cat window perch so that both cats can enjoy a window view. For the cat that likes to be closer to the ground, Chewy also offers stand-alone cat perch options like the Frisco 20-Inch Cat Tree. These cat perches double as scratching posts that are sure to keep every cat happy and entertained. Cats love having an elevated surface to lounge on, nap on and watch nature from, so check out the variety of cat window perches and other cat perch options that Chewy has to offer to find one that your cat is sure to love.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Window Perches

Are window perches safe for cats?

Cat window perches are safe as long as they are mounted to a sturdy surface according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow all directions closely and test the perch before you let your kitty use it. If you have a cat with mobility or eyesight issues who has trouble jumping, you may want to forego a window perch or position furniture to provide a safer way for her to get up there.

Do cats like window perches?

Most cats like window perches because they satisfy the feline urge to sit up high. Cats also like to look out the window at birds and other exciting things that may go by. Consider a window perch if you have a healthy cat who can jump and adequate room.

What's the best cat window perch?

The best cat window perch will be sturdy, comfortable and easy to install. Look for perches with machine washable covers for easy cleaning and care. A padded perch will add an extra layer of comfort and may make mounting the perch a little easier, too. Cat window beds are also a favorite for naps with a view. You can find lots of different cat-friendly, home-friendly designs—there are orthopedic cat window perches, heated cat perches and even ones that attach easily with suction cups.