Gravity Cat Feeders

Make sure your kitty always has kibble with a gravity cat feeder for cats that refills itself automatically. Chewy carries lots of great gravity cat feeder options, including dishwasher safe feeders, tip-proof designs, easy-fill styles and more.

A gravity pet feeder for cats can take the worry out of feeding your cat when you’re away at work or on a short trip. Once your cat eats all the food in the bowl, the dispenser automatically refills it using the power of gravity. These feeders require no power source and can generally be used indoors or out. The best gravity feeder for cats will feature dishwasher-safe components, BPA-free or microbe-resistant materials for safety, and a capacious design that holds plenty of meals. The enclosed food reservoir should keep dry food fresh and help prevent pests and moisture from getting to the food.

Gravity feeders come in a range of capacities to suit cats and appetites of all sizes. You can find feeders that’ll tide your cat over for a couple of meals or larger models you won’t need to refill for days. Use these feeders to keep your felines fed when you’re away or for every meal and save yourself the hassle of constantly refilling the kitty bowl. Your cat will meow at you for food less often, too!

Other cat feeders provide solutions to common feeding challenges. If you’re watching your feline’s weight, cat slow feeders dispense just a little cat food at a time or make your cat work for her food to help reduce intake. With an automatic cat feeder you can program preset times for meals or even feed your cat using your phone if it’s connected to Wi-Fi—great for both when you’re at work or out of town. You can even find dispensers that let you give your kitty cat treats remotely. Cat water fountains and waterers can help make sure your cat doesn’t go thirsty while you’re out, and several gravity feeder models can be used for water, too. Shop for all your feeding supplies at Chewy. You’ll find lots of great gravity cat feeders and everything else you need to feed your hungry cat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gravity feeders good for cats?

Gravity feeders are good for cats and convenient for cat parents, too, as they eliminate empty bowl meowing when you’re home and provide peace of mind when you’re away. The only drawback to a gravity feeder is that it does provide a constant supply of food, so it may not be appropriate for a cat who overeats or who needs to lose weight. Some cat parents use their feeders only for feeding their cats when they’re out of town, while others find their cats eat the right amount even if there is plenty of food always available.

How do gravity cat feeders work?

Gravity cat feeders work by dropping food into the food bowl as it’s depleted. They usually feature an elevated food storage container that holds the food and keeps it fresh and dry, plus a bowl attachment that holds kibble portions for eating.

Can I use a gravity cat feeder for water and treats too?

You can use most gravity cat feeders for water, but check the description of the model you’re considering to be sure. Using gravity feeders for treats isn’t a good idea because treats should be given sparingly, so the large capacity and always-full design of feeders isn’t appropriate for them.

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