Cat Scratchers & Scratching Posts

Your feline friend enjoys cat scratchers for many reasons not related to destroying your home furnishings. Scratching is a normal and essential part of feline life. Cats use scratching to condition claws, and it’s also an effective way for cats to stretch their backs, shoulders and muscles. Those claw marks left behind serve as a visual representation of your cat claiming her territory. In an outdoor setting, claw marks let approaching cats know they’re entering an area where another cat is residing. This advanced warning system can reduce physical confrontations between your cat and a passerby. Your feline friend also uses cat scratchers to relieve stress and anxiety. Cat scratching posts and interactive cat toys are some of the best ways your kitty has to relieve stress and feel her best. Since scratching is a vital party of kitty life, you’ll need to redirect your cat from scratching your furniture to a cat scratching post or to cat toys. A cat scratcher should have an appealing texture, be tall enough, stable, and placed in a favorable location for your pet. Want to create an environment for your cat that combines rest and scratching? Try the Scratch Lounge or Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch Massage Cat Bed. Treat your cat to a stylish cat scratcher lounge from PetFusion. The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge is a stylish addition to your home that blends in with the rest of your furnishings. It’s the perfect place for your purring pet to relax, scratch and unwind. The KONG Naturals Cat Scratcher is created with an incline, and made from renewable resources. The scratch pads are double-sided for double the fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Scratchers & Scratching Posts

What are cat scratchers for?

Cat scratchers are for the scratching, stretching and claw grooming that keeps your feline friend happy and healthy. Cat scratchers and scratching posts are also a great way to keep your kitty from scratching on your furniture.

How long do cat scratchers last?

Cat scratchers last for a while if they are sturdy and constructed of durable materials. Scratching posts made from strong materials like carpet, jute and sisal can last for years, and quality cardboard scratchers can last for a long time, as well. Check item descriptions and read reviews for the cat scratchers you are considering to get an idea of how long-lasting and durable they will be.

Do cat scratchers file nails?

Cat scratchers do file nails and help keep your cat’s claws healthy and well-groomed. Having an adequate place to scratch and stretch out will help your cat’s mental well-being, as well. While a good cat scratcher will usually keep feline nails honed and in good shape so they won’t catch or crack, older pets and those who can’t scratch as well may need extra help with nail care from you or a qualified groomer.

What kind of cat scratcher is best?

The kind of cat scratcher that is best for your cat will depend on her habits and preferences. Generally speaking, sturdy scratchers made of durable materials on a stable base will be best for most cats. Most vets recommend a scratcher that is tall or long enough to allow your cat to stretch out while scratching, so look for tower-style, sloped or longer flat scratchers to help your kitty fully spread out. Materials like jute and sisal are popular with cats, but carpet and corrugated cardboard are perennial favorites, as well. You may have to experiment with different types of cat scratchers and posts to see which ones your cat likes best.