Cat Steps, Stairs & Ramps

Cat stairs, steps & ramps for cats are a great alternative for cats familiar with, and agile enough to use, human stairs. When shopping for pet steps for cats, consider the rise or height of each step. The cat stairs you purchase should be similarly sized to your home steps. Cats prefer deep steps, that are roomy for easy maneuverability. Pet stairs for cats can take up less space than dog stairs, which makes them more ideal for smaller rooms. The primary benefit to cat steps is that they provide an easy way to get up and down from beds, sofas, chairs, even cat trees, and many other high spots in your household. If your feline friend is in her senior years, jumping may be too painful for her joints. Cat stairs from Pet Gear can ease the pressure on your precious pet's joints, making it easier for her to enjoy cuddling with you in bed or on the sofa. The Armarkat Pet Steps in Ivory are the perfect steps for your cat. Your cat can play, scratch, sleep, exercise and climb with this stylish cat staircase. Solvit Cat Steps are portable and easily stored thanks to their bi-fold functionality. Simply pull out your Solvit pet ramp when your kitty's ready to climb in or out of your bed or car, then fold it back up for easy storage. For shorter distances, consider the Pet Gear Easy Pet Step. This single step makes shorter distances even easier to climb. Whether you are looking for stylish cat steps for your pretty kitty, or a ramp for your senior cat, Chewy has all of the cat supplies you need. With great deals on products like cat treats, automatic cat feeders, cat litter boxes and cat houses, Chewy's online pet store has all of your shopping needs covered!

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