Cat Vitamins & Supplements

Keep your kitty healthy and happy with cat vitamins and supplements from Chewy. Cat’s require a well-balanced diet and steady stream of vitamins to prevent health conditions. While much of a cat’s nutrition can come from the cat food they eat, cat supplements and vitamins can help fill in any nutritional gaps your cat isn’t getting from their daily meals. On Chewy, pet parents can find supplements for cats from brands like Purina, NaturVet, Vetriscience and Feliway. Vitamins for cats can address and help prevent health issues in your cat that could slow them down or lead to more serious diseases. Cat vitamins can help with cat skin and coat care, cat digestive health, cat anxiety and brain health, dental care for cats, cat allergies, immune system health for cats, cat hip and joint care, cat eye care and more.

Supplements are meant to correct cat deficiencies. For example, cats that are pregnant and nursing can develop nutritional deficiencies that require supplementation like a multivitamin for cats. What are the best vitamins for cats? That depends on your cat’s health and individual nutritional needs. Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids can help keep your fabulous feline’s coat thick and shiny. Giving your kitty omega-3 fatty acids can prevent them from shedding all over your floors, furniture and clothing. Omega-3s are also known to help strengthen the feline immune system, liver, eyes, brain and joints. Looking to boost your cat’s heart health, and help them fight high cholesterol? Omega-3 fatty acids can help with that too. For a tasty way to help your kitty get his or her omega-3s try NaturVet VitaPet Adult Daily Vitamins Plus Omegas cat soft chews. Another way pet parents can be proactive about cat health is to give a cat joint supplement as they age. Much of the damage done to feline joints happens when the cat is young and active. By giving your feline friend joint supplements you can help promote strong joints.

Cat vitamins and supplements come in a variety of forms including soft chews, tablets, water additives and oral gels to make it easy for pet parents to administer. Shop cat vitamins and supplements on Chewy now.

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