Hip & Joint Supplements for Cats

Good cat health care includes joint care. Joint issues can appear at various stages in your cat’s life. Signs of joint pain can include the appearance of stiffness when your cat wakes up from a nap, limping in one or more legs and difficulty jumping. Degenerative joint disease, also known as osteoarthritis, is a serious and painful condition that occurs when the cartilage between bone structures breaks down, no longer providing the needed cushion for joints. Help your cat maintain optimal joint health with joint supplements for cats. Cat hip and joint care is supported by supplements like American Journey wild Alaskan salmon oil. Salmon oil can encourage healthy joints, is good for cat skin care and helps your feline maintain a shiny coat. Cat vitamins like Cosequin work to protect your cat’s joints. Nutramax Cosequin capsules contains Cosequin which supports cartilage production and protects existing cartilage from breaking down. What you feed your cat can also impact their joint health. Cat food can be used to promote healthy joints. Weight control cat food helps your cat maintain a healthy weight, which can prevent unnecessary strain on joints and keep them happy and jumping longer. Healthy joints are an important part of caring for your cat, but there are other health issues facing felines like hairballs, worms, anxiety disorders, eye conditions, ear problems and more. A cat hairball remedy like specially formulated cat treats can reduce hairballs, while prescription cat food can provide your feline with the nutrients they need to help them reach optimal health. Cat dewormers can help you prevent parasites from feeding off your cat, while cat anxiety medication can calm your cat and stop them from scratching up your home. Cats can suffer from a multitude of eye conditions including eye infections, corneal ulcers, allergies and more. Proper cat eye care with the right products can help prevent these conditions in your cat. In addition, cats suffer from ear problems like ear mites, ear infections, polyps and foreign bodies. Good cat ear care includes treating your cat for chronic otitis externa, which is common in cats. Treatments like Zymox Otic pet ear treatment can help. Get everything you need from joint supplements for cats to a cat first aid kit at Chewy.com and help your cat maintain optimal health always.

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