Cat Eye Drops, Wipes & Cleaners

Keep your cats eyes bright and clear with the proper eye care products. It is important to establish a good eye care routine to keep your cat from contracting eye infections. While cats are great at grooming themselves, it can be difficult for them to keep their eyes, and the areas around them, clean. Cats scratch their eyes, leaving them susceptible to debris. Eye infections occur when bacteria builds up in the discharge around the eye, so it’s important to keep this area clear. Part of good cat eye care includes removing dirt and dust from around your cat’s external eye area.  Earthbath Eye Wipes can help with this process. Chewy also carries the best eye drops for cats from brands like Tomlyn and Nutri-vetNutri-Vet Cat Eye Rinse is a non-irritating ophthalmic solution that gently cleanses the eyes and area surrounding the eye. It relieves discomfort and controls irritation from dried mucous, foreign materials, pollen and other irritants. It also helps remove and slow down the formation of tear stains. If your cat is battling tear stains, not to worry  Chewy carries a variety of cat tear stain remover products like Eye Envy Powder Tear Stain Remover for Dogs & Cats. Allergy eye drops for cats can help relieve eye irritation that comes with kitty play. As your kitty plays around and rubs her face against various materials, debris can make its way into your purring pet’s eyes. If allergens make their way in, this can cause uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Cat eye problems can include everything from allergies to eye infections. Both bacteria and viruses can cause eye infections in cats. Cat eye infection drops can help relieve the symptoms of an eye infection. For all of your other cat supplies, shop Chewy's online pet store!

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