Cat Ear Cleaner & Drops

Keep your purring pet in optimal health with a proper ear care routine. Regular ear care is often overlooked. Many pet parents refrain from cleaning pet ears because they fear damaging their pet’s ear drums. As a result, many cats visit the veterinarian with severe ear infections or mite infestations that could have been treated if caught earlier. A good cat ear care routine includes a weekly inspection, and cleaning if necessary. The most common cat ear problems include ear mites, bacterial infections, yeast infections, allergies, and fungal infections on ear tips. Ear treatment for cats starts with a proper diagnosis. Signs of an ear problem in cats includes persistent scratching of the ear or surrounding area, sensitivity to touch, head tilt, frequent shaking of the head, loss of balance or disorientation, redness or swelling of the outer ear or ear canal, unpleasant odor, black or yellowish discharge, accumulation of dark brown ear wax, hearing loss and bleeding from the ear. Ear drops for cats help keep cat ears clean, but also help kill mites and infections. Ear mites can be a real problem for purring pets. Many types of ear mites can live inside cat’s ears. The most common is Otodectes cynotis, which is a tiny eight-legged parasite that feeds on the wax and oils found in your cat’s ear canal. Mites can live for three weeks, and are barely detectable by the naked eye. Cat ear mites can infect the outside and internal canal, and can lead to serious ear infections. Ear mites can be passed from pet to pet. Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner drops for cats is specifically formulated to prevent microbial attachment. Try cat ear care brands like Earthbath, Zymox cat ear care and Miracle Care cat ear care.

Protect your precious pet’s ears with products for proper cat ear care at Chewy. Chewy has everything you need to keep your cat’s ears clean, and their hearing clear.

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