Cat First Aid & Recovery

Just as you would keep a first aid kit on hand at home for you and your loved ones, it's important to prepare a cat first aid kit for at home care too. No matter how protective you are as a pet parent, cats can get into all sorts of trouble. Your cuddly kitty can fall ill or get hurt, despite your precautions. In the event of an emergency, are you prepared with first aid for cats? While first aid can't take the place of a visit to the vet, it can make a difference to your cat's health. By keeping a proper first aid kit at home, you can help significantly reduce the amount of pain and suffering your cat will experience after an injury. There are some common feline emergencies pet parents should be ready for. Bee stings can potentially cause problems for your cat ranging from minor pain and swelling, to more serious symptoms. More serious cat symptoms from a bee sting include hives, facial swelling, vomiting, trouble breathing and they may even collapse. In the event of a stinging, call your vet and see if they suggest removing the stinger and applying a cold compress to the wound. If your cat has been scratched or cut, apply direct pressure to the wound, and use a sterile cat bandage to compress the injury. To stop bleeding fast, try Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder for your cat's wound. It quickly works to stop bleeding from minor cuts and nail clippings. The formula includes Benzocaine which helps block pain caused by minor or superficial cuts. Andover Healthcare is another great brand that offers a variety of bandages and wraps to help your cat recover quickly. Is your cat suffering from a skin infection? Act fast with Zymox Topical Cream for a powerful natural enzyme formula to aid in the treatment of skin infections. Vetericyn Plus All Animal Wound Care is a nontoxic and non-irritating, broad-spectrum antimicrobial that does not contain steroids, antibiotics, alcohols, iodine or tea tree oil, making it safe for a wide range of animals with even the most sensitive systems. Looking for a good cat cone while your pet heals? The Comfy Cone E-Collar is a soft, cone-shaped Elizabethan collar that helps your precious pet heal and recover in comfort from surgeries, procedures, allergic reactions, hot spots and more. For more cat supplies be sure to shop Chewy's online pet store!

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