Cat Bandages & Wraps

Your cat is an important member of the family. That’s why you make cat healthcare a priority. Whether it’s finding the best prescription cat food to help her maintain a healthy weight or cat vitamins and supplements to promote joint health, you can find everything you need for cat healthcare at It’s easy for your playful kitty to injure herself as she’s scaling her cat apartment or pouncing on an unexpected ball of yarn, but you can be ready for anything with cat first aid supplies. Having cat bandages and wraps handy can help prevent further injury. Keeping cat first aid kits handy can help in an emergency and ensure your cat heals faster and better, especially when you can’t see your veterinarian right away. A cat cutting herself or getting a gash can be a very scary thing for a cat parent. However, the right cat wound care can prevent infections and promote faster healing. One way to promote wound healing is with Vet Basics lime sulfur dip. This antimicrobial ointment addresses multiple skin conditions and fights fungal and bacterial infections that can prevent proper healing. Other items you might want to pack in your first aid kit include cat splints for arm or leg injuries, liquid bandages for cats and cat foot bandages for sprains and other injuries. Another important aspect of wound care is preventing your cat from scratching or licking her wounds which can be hard to do. Cats tend to obsess over their injuries, but a cat cone can stop that behavior. Help your feline heal faster with cat cone collars. Unlike the uncomfortable plastic cones of the past, today’s collars can be comfortable. Consider the adorable Alfie Pet Noah lion cat recovery collar to prevent your cat from clawing at her wounds or rash. Help your friend heal faster with cat bandages and wraps and more from

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