Cat Litter Box Supplies

Cat litter provides an irreplaceable function in pet homes and in cat litter boxes. Any parent of a feline knows the value of a good cat litter and cat litter accessories. Chewy makes shopping for cat litter and accessories faster and easier with top-rated products and detailed product descriptions. Find out everything you need to know before you buy. Chewy carries several cat litter accessories that help pet parents keep their homes looking clean and smelling fresh. Cat litter trapping mats keep pesky cat litter dust off your carpets and hardwood floors. Chewy carries the best litter box mats from brands like Petmate, Catit and PetFusion. Cat litter box liners are thick pads that help prevent cat litter and waste from sticking to the sides and bottom of your kitty litter box. Want to make cleanup even easier? Try drawstring pan liners. These cat litter box liners keep litter pans clean while neutralizing odors. The drawstring holds securely on the pan and makes disposal easy and painless. On Chewy pet parents can find the best cat litter brands like Frisco, Dr. Elsey’s, Arm & Hammer pet products, and Tidy Cats. Cat litter is available in several varieties. The best cat litter for your home depends on your personal preference. Clumping cat litter is designed to make removing urine and feces from your kitty litter box easy without having to empty the entire box. It’s also cost-efficient, since you don’t have to replace the cat litter each time your kitty uses her box. Even though clumping cat litter is the easier option, some picky kitties prefer clay cat litter. In addition to clumping and clay cat litters, Chewy carries odor control cat litter. Some pet parents also prefer natural cat litter because it doesn’t contain silica, which is a known carcinogen when inhaled. Test out different litter types to find the best kitty litter for your feline friend, and while you’re at it browse Chewy’s excellent assortment of cat carriers, cat beds and cat harnesses & leashes to put your cat on cloud nine.

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