Dental & Breath Supplements for Cats

Your purring pet is your best friend, but it's not always easy to cuddle with your kitty when she has bad breath. There are several causes for bad kitty breath from the types of cat food she eats to more serious health conditions. By establishing a proper cat dental care and cat toothbrush routine, you'll help your feline friend avoid dental decay. Dental care for cats starts with understanding your cat's teeth. Like humans, felines have two sets of teeth. A set of baby teeth, and adult teeth that come in at three and four months. Your cat's teeth are built for eating meat, so their teeth don't have flat surfaces designed for grinding grains or vegetables. Your cat's front teeth are primarily used for grooming. Cats use their incisors to catch fleas crawling around in their fur, and also help work mats out of fur. Cats can get cavities, tartar buildup, and other dental conditions that plague humans. Animal Essentials Daily Digestion Breath and Digestion Support is a cat dental care product specifically targeting bad breath. This liquid dental supplement contains organic ginger root, peppermint, fennel seed and chamomile to help freshen your pet's breath. Wysong DentaTreat Cat Food Supplement is an alternative natural approach to maintaining cat oral health. This powdered formula utilizes properties of cheeses, probiotics, minerals and more to help maintain oral health. For the best dental supplements for cats shop on Chewy's online pet store where you can find the best cat supplies today!

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