Cat Dental Supplements

Cat dental care is an extremely important, and often overlooked, part of keeping your kitty healthy and happy for a long, satisfying life. When your cat's teeth are neglected, it allows plaque—a form of bacteria that attaches to teeth—to begin building up. Plaque, the most common cause of dental disease, will turn into tartar within less than a week, in some instances. ProDen PlaqueOff Powder Dog & Cat Supplement is a 100% natural powder that can be easily mixed into wet or dry cat food for an easy way to combat plaque build up. Tartar adheres strongly to teeth and cannot be removed by a cat toothbrush. It can contribute to the development of common oral and gum diseases like gingivitis—a serious and quite costly disease that can lead to tooth loss and infection. The best way to avoid all of these health issues is to take preventative cat dental care measures. A good line of defense against plaque, tartar and related diseases giving your cat dental supplements like Pet Naturals of Vermont Clean Scat Chews which help put a fresh spin on kitty breath! These dental cat products will help keep her teeth cleaner in between brushing, which is the best line of defense. A cat toothbrush and toothpaste are a must, and with regular use, will help avoid serious issues. It is recommended that you brush your cat's teeth daily. But, if you are unable to stick to that, brush as often as possible. Once a day is batter than once a week, and once a week is better than once a month. And so on. Another tip to for keeping up with your cat's dental health is to switch the cat treats you are currently giving your furry friend for some cat dental treats. The dental cat treats will still provide your cat with a reward but also helps with their dental health. By keeping up with a good dental routine—feeding your cat dental supplements, regularly brushing your cat's teeth, and having your veterinarian perform regular oral exams—you will avoid serious issues and ensure that you and your kitty have more time to think about fun stuff, like what interactive cat toys they are going to play with next. Remember to shop Chewy's online pet store for all of your cat supplies!

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