Eye Vitamins & Supplements for Cats

A good at home eye exam before grooming can help clue you into your precious pet's eye health. Check for signs of tearing, crust, cloudiness or inflammation as it may indicate a more serious health problem in your kitty. Signs of eye and other health conditions in your cat include discharge, watering, red or white eyelid linings, crust in the corners of the eye, tear-stained fur, eyes that don't open, cloudiness, or a visible third eyelid. Common eye disorders in cats include conjunctivitis, third eyelid protrusion, keratitis, cataracts, glaucoma, bulging eye, retinal disease and water eyes. Cat eye wipes and cat eye drops can go a long way when it comes to cat eye care. Always wipe away from the corner of the eye, and use a fresh wipe each time. There are a lot of eye supplements or cats on the market, but Lysine for cats is the most important. L-Lysine is used to treat inflammation of the eyes. Lysine supplement for cats can help prevent your feline friend from uncomfortable eye disorders like conjunctivitis. Cat conjunctivitis causes eye discharge, swollen eyes, irritation, redness and itchy, dry and cloudy eyes. Lysine is one of the best supplements for cat eyes, an essential amino acid that cats can't get naturally. Lysine must come from specifically formulated foods or supplements. Another common eye condition in cats are tear stains. Chewy carries Angels' Eyes tear stain products, that help eliminate unsightly tear stains from occurring in your pet. Angels' Eyes Chicken Flavored Natural Soft Chews are an easy way for pet parents to help remove and prevent tear stains. Find everything from new cat toys to cat litter here at Chewy's online pet store. With great deals on cat food, cat treats and cat trees Chewy is sure to have all of the cat supplies you and your kitty may need.

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