Cat Hanging Scratchers

Is your beloved cat scratching furniture or doors? Cats love getting ahold of anything they can sink their claws into so they can stretch, mark their territory or express excitement. If your kitty’s natural instinct to use her claws is leaving marks throughout your home, a hanging cat scratch pad may help to divert her destructive yet necessary behavior. A cat scratcher provides a more attractive alternative to your home décor with their satisfying textures and durable surfaces. A hanging cat scratching post will help your cat indulge in this instinctual behavior safely without destroying your home. Cat scratch posts comes in all shapes and sizes, including the extremely effective and space-saving hanging cat scratchers. Hanging cat scratchers mimic trees and other vertical surfaces out in nature—and your cat will appreciate having a place to scratch and stretch in a way that feels most natural to them. These enticing scratchers are even more desirable when you add a sprinkle of catnip to the scratching surface. Just hang your cat scratch pad on any doorknob and watch your kitty discover her new all-you-can-scratch buffet. Unlike cat trees & towers, cat perches and wall scratchers an added benefit of hanging cat scratch pads is that they take up little to no space in your home, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect spot for them or making sure they match your furniture. If your kitty is using your favorite couch or freshly painted door as her personal cat scratching post, then a hanging cat scratch pad will be one of your new favorite cat toys. Check out Chewy's online pet supplies store where you’ll find the best cat supplies like cat doors, cat harnesses & leashes, and cat litter boxes including automatic self-cleaning litter boxes.

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