Cat Furniture

Cat condos, cat trees, cat scratching posts or cat houses- whatever you call them, cats love them. Cats are naturally curious creatures who love to play and explore. They also love to be vertical. They rely on vertical areas for safety, comfort and fun. Providing your cat with vertical options for play isn't just a luxury, it's a crucial aspect of a cat's life. Cats like to oversee their territory. Their playful, and sometimes private nature, means they'll seek tree houses, posts and cat perches to be able to survey the area. A cat scratching tree is a great way to redirect unwanted clawing. If your kitty's scratching away at your furniture or clothing, a cat tree condo can provide a great opportunity for scratching that will distract your cat from your prized possessions. A cat condo tree is the easiest way to provide cats with the opportunity to scratch, climb and play. And modern cat trees & furniture allow you to provide a fun and safe experience for your cat while adding style to your decor. When shopping for the best cat tree keep your cat's size and personality in mind. It's important that your cat feels comfortable when perching, so when picking out the best cat trees look for perches that will fit your kitty. Why are they called cat condos? A condo is a multi-story, vertical home. Similarly, cat condos are vertical, and multi-storied playhouses for cats. Chewy carries top rated cat condo brands like Frisco, Aramarkat and GoPetClub. Cat trees come in a variety of designs, with multiple tiers and challenging areas that inspire stimulating play. Some cat condos are more sophisticated, equipped with hiding places and teaser toys for an elevated experience. Cat condos range in size from 48 inches to 106 inches. The size of your cat condo will depend upon the size of your cat, but also the size of your home and available space. To add some excitement to your kitty's new play space consider purchasing a few interactive cat toys like a cat tunnel or cat puzzle. Both of these cat toys are designed to keep your feline friend entertained for hours. So, whether you need some more cat litter, a roomy cat carrier or cat crate, or just a new bag of dry cat food Chewy's online pet store is sure to have great deals on all of the best cat supplies & accessories!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Furniture

What is the best cat furniture?

The best cat furniture will be sturdy, scratch-friendly and appropriately sized for your cat. It should also fit nicely into your home without taking up too much space or clashing with the decor. A good mix of lounging and hiding spots, scratchers and climbing surfaces should keep most cats happy and entertained.

Where should I put my cat furniture?

Put your cat furniture where it’s not in the way but still central enough that your cat will use it. Small spaces can use vertical cat furniture like shelves and all-in-one condo/tree/scratchers to maximize play area in one spot, or spread pieces throughout your home to create cat spaces in various rooms. Avoid putting cat furniture near wires, electronic devices or noisy areas as these can be dangerous or annoying for your feline.

How do you clean cat furniture like cat trees & condos?

Clean cat furniture like cat trees and condos by vacuuming frequently and spot cleaning or wiping down when necessary. Always use non-toxic cleaners when cleaning cat furniture and avoid strongly-scented solutions like carpet cleaners if possible. Remember not to clean furniture too frequently, as removing your kitty’s scent may cause him some distress.