Cat Houses

For your feline friend, home is wherever he feels most comfortable. Help your cat feel safe and cozy with a cat house. What makes the perfect cat house, might not be what works for your dog house or other pets. Cats love warmth. They're sensitive to temperature, and become uncomfortable when it's cold. A heated cat house can make all the difference to your purring pet. An outside cat house should be insulated to keep your cat warm during cooler days and freezing nights. An insulated cat house helps to contain your cat's body heat and keep out cold air. K&H cat houses are known for their high-quality for outside use. The K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House comes in extra-wide for even more room for your cat to play. This outdoor cat house has two exits with removable door flaps for easy entry, and reduces the risk your cat will be trapped by predators. The Lectro-Soft heated bed partially heats the floor to keep kitties warm and cozy. The zippered roof makes this heated cat house easy to assemble. Chewy also carries several cat tree house models from brands like Frisco, Armarkat and GoPetClub. These multi-story cat tree houses give your pretty kitty plenty of space to climb, scratch, cat perch and play. If an indoor cat house is what your cat needs, consider the Armarkat Pet Bed Cave or the MidWest Curious Cube for Cats. Give your curious cat the gift of an interactive cat bed. The hide-n-seek side cut-outs and hanging plush toys with jingle bells make this cat bed one of the most fun indoor cat beds on the market. Your cat deserves the best. Find the best cat house for your feline friend at Chewy, and stock up on other great cat supplies like the best flea medicine & treatment for cats, cat litter box furniture, cat sweaters & cat costumes, or a safe and reliable cat leash & harness.

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