Modern Cat Furniture & Trees

Many house cats are overweight because they don’t have the motivation to be active, but our great selection of modern cat furniture & trees can help with that. Unlike their wild counterparts, house cats don’t need to hunt for food. As a parent to a feline, part of your job is providing her with motivation to play and be active. However, entertaining your feline doesn’t have to come at the expense of your home aesthetic. If you’re not fond of the look of traditional cat trees, you will appreciate Chewy’s collection of modern cat furniture & trees. Your cat deserves her own designated place to rest and relax. Somewhere that she can play with the best cat scratching posts and her cat toys. Traditionally, cat condos and trees are built with cat needs in mind, but what about your needs? You want something that looks good in your home too, and that’s where modern cat trees come in. Luckily, luxury cat furniture exists for every type of home. Whether you prefer modern or classic designs, Chewy has unique modern cat trees & furniture to match like the On2Pets Luxury Cat Tree. This beautiful natural design provides your cat with the ultimate outdoor climbing experience. It’s a unique modern cat tree that features stunning silk leaves. Does your home feature modern furniture? Consider the Frisco 2-Story Modern Cat Condo to blend in with the rest of your furnishings. Tired of cat houses getting in your way? Cat condos can take up a lot of space, which can be an issue when you are short on square footage. Try cat wall shelves or window cat perches instead. You can give your cat what she needs without sacrificing your home aesthetic. Find everything you need for your feline friend from modern cat trees & furniture to cat litter at Chewy’s online pet supplies store today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Modern Cat Furniture & Trees

What should I look for in a modern cat tree?

You should look for style, durability and stability in a modern cat tree. Choose a cat tree made of claw-friendly materials that will stand up to lots of vigorous scratching. A good modern cat tree design should fit in well with your décor and provide lots of places for your cat to stretch and perch. Choose from multi-level cat tree designs with nooks and platforms for lounging, or pick a simple, modern scratching post that will attract your cat and keep kitty claws away from your furniture.

Where should I put my modern cat tree?

Put your modern cat tree in an area where your cat will use it. Modern cat trees are made to look good anywhere in the home, so try locating yours in a family room or common family gathering area. Try to put it in an area that is not too noisy, hot or cold, and keep in mind the habits and preferences of your cat. More outgoing kitties may like being at the center of all the action, while those who are shy may prefer a location in a quiet bedroom or den.

What are the best modern cat trees?

The best modern cat trees will look great in your home, provide ample places for lounging and keep your cat from clawing the furniture. Natural materials like sisal, wood and jute feel great on claws and have a clean, modern look, but there are many great modern cat trees made with carpet and fabric, as well.