Cat Towels & Dryers

Cats are not usually fans of bath time, so if you do need to give your kitty a bath, you’ll want to get her dry as quickly as possible. But the sound of a hair dryer can frighten your feline friend. To help your kitten dry quickly after bath time, it’s important to have the proper cat bath towels and other cat grooming supplies  ready. At Chewy, we carry several cat bath towels and pet dryers specifically designed with your furry friend in mind. The Bone Dry microfiber cat bath towel features an adorable embroidered paw print design. It comes in a variety of colors, including gray, red, pink and blue. Your normal bath towels can’t dry your kitten fast enough. The Bone Dry microfiber bath towel was designed to mop up excess water, and is two times more absorbent than cotton. It’s also big enough to dry any size cat. It’s great for grooming, travel or placing inside your cat carrier for added comfort. The Aflie Pet Microfiber Fast-Dry towel is made of ultra-tightly woven microfiber, so it has excellent powers of absorption. It can hold up to eight times its weight in water and allows you to dry your pet quickly. You can also dry her off quickly with a cat hair dryer. The MetroVac Air Force Commander Pet Dryer, Variable-Speed Control quietly and comfortably dries your cat’s fur after a bath. The dryer stand allows for hands-free hair drying. This pet dryer features three different heat settings and three air speeds for quick styling. Get everything you need to dry your furry pal after bath time at Chewy's online pet store. Whether you need cat food, cat litter or a new cat tree, Chewy is where you can find the best cat products.

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