Small Pet Deodorizers

Anyone who is the proud owner of a furry small animal knows that these pets stay pretty busy—whether it's burrowing, foraging or playing. With all this activity, their little home can get pretty dirty. Small pets do tend to devote a lot of time to elaborate grooming routines, but they can also use some help, particularly when it comes to ferrets. We've got just the thing (or two) to give you a hand.Whether you're in need of a ferret deodorizer or just a general small pet deodorizer, or maybe some products to keep your tiny friend's small pet cage clean, you'll find it at Chewy. Marshall GoodBye Odor Ferret Semi-Moist Treats are delicious treats made with chicken that help deodorize stool, urine and body odors from the inside out. They're safe, natural and made in the USA. Marshall also offers a Ferret & Small Animal Odor Remover spray that can be applied directly to the fur or on litter pans and cages. Keeping your pet's habitat clean helps reduce odors but also helps your pet stay healthy. A small pet deodorizer that can be used on cages is also a good idea. Try Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat Spray, a cleaner and deodorizer with biodegradable, natural ingredients that eliminate soiling and odors. It's great for pet areas used by birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles, cats or dogs. If you prefer not to use a spray, Hartz has several options, like Hartz No Odor Small Animals Cage Wipes. These wipes do the job quickly and effectively by getting rid of urine odor and residue, and they come in a convenient pop-up canister. Hartz also has Bird & Small Animal Absorbent Cage Liners that help trap moisture. You can place them underneath your pet's bedding for extra protection and even easier cleanup. With one of our small pet deodorizers, ferret deodorizers, or cage wipes or sprays, you can be sure that your small pet will always smell fresh and have a clean, healthy home.

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