Pig Feed

Chewy offers a wide range of pig feed choices, including foods for pet mini pigs and pot belly pigs, food for show pigs, hogs and more. You can also find several farm animal health and wellness supplements for pigs in our online pet store, along with the farm supplies you need to keep all your animals well-fed and cared for. There are lots of feed choices out there, so when deciding what to feed pigs, how much to feed pigs, etc., be sure to look up breed-specific feeding recommendations and consider the ages and types of pigs you’re feeding. Pig feed formulas vary in protein content and other nutrient levels, and can contain additives like dewormers and probiotics to address specific health needs. There are also organic feeds and sow formulas available, along with complete and balanced foods made specifically for pets. Some farmers prefer a versatile farm animal feed that works for a range of livestock, replacing cattle feed, sheep and goat feed, pig feed and even horse feed in the feed closet and saving time, space and money. And don’t forget how much pigs love tasty farm animal treats, including fruit and veggie scraps from the kitchen! Whatever you decide to feed your porky buddies, you’ll find a wide selection at Chewy, where the online farm store is waiting for you whenever you need it.

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