Food Dog Costumes

Have a blast playing dress up with your fur friend with fun and funny food dog costumes from Dog moms and dads pay it’s time to pay attention to what your pup wears, especially during the holiday season. Dog costumes are in vogue, with more and more pet families playing dress up. Whether it’s Halloween or Sunday brunch, nowadays pups are elevating their style with cute and unique dog costumes and dog costume accessories. If you don’t want your pup to be underdressed at the next event or even worse, show up in a lame costume it’s time to hit and check out our dog costume inventory. Food dog costumes are very popular, because they are cute and easily recognizable. Popular fast food dog costumes include your favorite foods like hot dogs, tacos, pizza and hamburgers. There are quite a few hot dog and taco costumes to choose from. Are you a ketchup or mustard person? Maybe you like everything on it? Regardless, there is a hot dog costume with your favorite toppings like this Frisco hotdog costume featuring America’s favorite hot dog toppings. For Halloween, consider food dog Halloween costumes like a juicy pineapple, creamy ice cream cone or sushi role dog costume. Fruit themed dog food Halloween costumes include an adorable banana costume and pineapple costume with matching pineapple hat. If food costumes aren’t your favorite, we carry a wide variety of pet costumes with different themes from animal costumes for dog to dog sports costume ideas. For the four-legged fantasy fan, dog fairy costumes are adorable. You can dress your fur friend as a magical unicorn or pretty princess. Superhero and movie characters always make popular human costumes, so of course they make hit pet costumes as well. Popular dog superhero costumes include everyone’s favorites Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. For movie franchise fans, consider dressing your pup up in movie dog costumes from films like Star Wars or Disney animated features. Your pet can dress up like an Ewok, AT-AT, Bantha, Chewbacca, Darth Vader or Princess Leia. Popular Disney pet costumes include Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Belle. Pet costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Dress your pup up this holiday season with a dog Christmas costume and get everyone in the spirit. Our classic dog costumes are soft, comfortable and designed for your furry friend’s active lifestyle. Shop pet costumes at now.

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