Kitten Treats

Treat your pretty kitty to delicious kitten treats from Once kittens can begin to eat solid foods, around eight to ten weeks of life, they can begin to have kitten treats for good behavior. The key to treating is moderation. When shopping for the best treats for kittens, choose one that contains safe ingredients approved by the AAFCO. Consider Fancy Feast purely natural hand-flaked tuna cat treats for a protein-rich treat. Made with 100% natural hand-selected tuna, these treats are low in fat and easy to give as a snack or meal topper. For a great grain-free option, consider Blue Buffalo Wilderness chicken and duck cat treats. While feeding your kitty too many treats can fill her tummy with empty calories, you can reward her for good behavior or during bonding time with a treat or two. Remember, kitten food and treats are important to your kitty’s overall health. During the first few weeks of life, your kitty needs to gain weight. The best kitten food is made to fulfill her nutritional needs. Besides food, kitten supplements can help young kitties get the nutrients they need. In addition to kitten treats and food, you will need other kitten supplies to raise a happy and healthy kitty and make things easier on you as a pet parent. The right kitten litter and boxes will help reduce accidents. In the beginning, you will need kitten training and cleaning supplies to teach your kitty where to go and clean up accidents while she’s learning. All felines require kitten beds and home essentials like cat gates. There are a variety of cat beds to choose from, including those that give your feline a place to hide away and feel safe. Keep your kitten in shape with kitten collars for walks and kitten toys that stimulate play. Find everything you need for your new furry friend at our online pet store.

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