Personalized Cat Collars

Show off your cat’s personality and keep her safe, too, with custom cat collars from We carry several personalized cat collars that you can have embroidered or printed with the information of your choice, and you can choose from different colorways for better readability or cool style, as well.

Personalized safety cat collars with a name and phone number can help others find you quickly if your outdoor kitty wanders too far or is injured, and they’re a great way to get indoor cats home safely if they happen to escape, as well. You can also use the text on your custom collar to indicate whether your cat is indoor or outdoor, to avoid confusion when your cat is roaming.

Many of the best custom collars are personalized breakaway collars, which are designed to come off for safety if they get hooked on something. Consider using these in conjunction with a microchip for an added layer of assurance. Whichever type of collar you choose, look for ones that are adjustable, comfortable and durable, and try to find machine washable styles for easy care. Most custom cat collars come in a fun array of fashion colors with reflective options available, too, so your cat can be stylish and extra safe at night.

Custom cat ID tags provide another way to ensure your contact info is handy if your cat goes missing or gets hurt, and these work great with regular cat collars and leashes or as a supplement to a personalized kitty collar. Chewy carries lots of great personalized cat gifts for you and everyone on your gift list, too, including custom drinkware and picture frames for all those cute kitty pics. You can even find personalized pet gifts for dog lovers—choose from custom drinkware options and doggone adorable picture frames to check off every name on your gift list. Chewy has all the cat supplies you need to keep your cat safe and express your unique, cat-loving style. Shop our selection of custom cat collars and start creating the perfect accessories for your favorite feline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I personalize my cat's collar?

Personalize your cat’s collar by using the “Personalize Now” button on the item’s page. Make sure you’ve chosen the appropriate size and color first, and don’t forget to choose a reflective style if you want extra safety at night. You’ll be prompted to choose a thread color and then enter the desired text in the box, then click “Review” and “Add to Cart”. That’s it—creating a custom collar for your pet is that easy!

Can I have any text on my cat's custom collar?

You can have any text you want on your cat’s custom collar as long as it doesn’t exceed 25 characters or use any non-standard symbols. Most people choose to personalize with the pet’s name and a current phone number, but you can choose any text you want. Text like “Indoor Kitty-Call Owner” or “Allowed Outside” will let neighbors know what do if they see your cat and avoid confusion. A sassy saying or nickname can be a fun addition to a custom collar, too, especially if your cat already has ID tags with your info on them.

Can I add dashes or periods to my personalized cat collar?

Dashes and periods can be used as text on a personalized cat collar, but we usually recommend against dashes because they make the text a little harder to read, plus they count against your character count. Consider using spaces to break up phone numbers and text instead. Remember that readability from a distance and clear information can make all the difference in getting your cat home in an emergency or escape situation.

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