Rabbit Playpens

Providing adequate space for your bunny to exercise can promote physical and mental well-being, so you may want to consider investing in a good rabbit playpen for your pet. You can find many bunny exercise pen options at Chewy, including indoor and outdoor rabbit pen setups, collapsible and portable styles, and even a bunny playpen that connects to a hutch.

The most basic playpens are made of hinged wire panels that fold and set up anywhere to create a bunny-safe play area. They’re suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be used with a mat to protect your floors. Or choose a lightweight mesh tent-style pop-up pen. This provides the ultimate in security and portability and lets you take your bunny to the park, on playdates, or even on road trips. You can also choose a pen that connects to your rabbit cage or hutch and leave it set up for rabbit play sessions any time.

Your rabbit hutch will feel a whole lot bigger with a nice play-patio area attached, and having a temporary holding area can make cleaning your rabbit cages that much easier, too! Whichever pen you choose, make it more inviting by putting some rabbit toys and a few rabbit beds and hideouts to make your bunny feel more comfortable. Find all the rabbit supplies you need at Chewy’s online pet store.

How tall should a rabbit pen be?

Rabbit playpens should be at least two feet tall for smaller rabbits, but if you have a larger breed or want to be extra safe, a pen three feet tall or higher might be a good choice. You can also find totally enclosed tent-style pens for extra security outdoors.

What do you put in a rabbit pen?

It depends how long they’ll be in it. Outdoor rabbit pens won’t require much beyond a few rabbit toys and maybe some rabbit food and rabbit water bottles if the rabbits will be out there for a while.

Can you keep a rabbit pen indoors?

You can keep a rabbit playpen indoors, but you’ll want to protect your floor by including a litter box and some type of floor lining in case accidents happen. Bunny hutches can be a safe and fun indoor escape for your fur friend too!

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