Dog Shirts

Your pup will be ready for any outing with our fashion-forward selection of dog clothes, from casual dog shirts to dog sweaters and dog hoodies. Whether you need a dog tuxedo or dog wedding dress for your ringbearer pup or you’re just setting up your next pet-centered photo shoot, there are plenty of dog clothes to choose from. No matter what the occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect outfit that fits your dog’s larger-than-life personality. For a laid-back gathering, a classic dog polo shirt or dog t-shirt is a great choice. You can find dog shirts in 100% cotton or poly-cotton blends, and they’re machine washable. That means they’re easy to clean when your pup takes a trip through the mud or rolls around in the grass on who knows what. Dog t-shirts come in multiple colors and sizes for the perfect fit. If your furry pal likes the casual look and lives for vacation time with you, we’ve got dog clothes that have the look and feel of being on a cruise to a tropical island. The Casual Canine Hawaiian Breeze dog shirt is lightweight and made from 100% cotton with bright, beach scene prints. These dog clothes are great for backyard barbecues or for just lounging around the pool or in the yard. Are your canine friends playing a starring role in your nuptials? We make it easy to find the right dog apparel for the occasion with our dog wedding shirts. Some even come with coordinating bow ties so you’ll be ready to celebrate the big day with your pets by your side. When the weather turns cold, you can count on Chewy for cozy dog sweaters and dog hoodies that are warm and comfy. Give your pup a preppy look with the Frisco Argyle dog sweater, or a sporty makeover with the ADIDOG dog hoodie. When the holidays roll around, your pup can join in on the tacky sweater parties with the Pet Life LED Santa dog sweater or the Blueberry Pet Christmas dog sweater. Be sure to check the Size tab or the size chart image to get an idea of the exact measurements in inches along with the breeds that would fit each size. Find this and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Shirts

What size dog shirt should I get?

You should get a dog shirt in the size that most closely matches your dog's measurements. All of the dog shirts on include a size chart and measurement guide to help you find the perfect fit. To find the right size, measure your dog's body length, neck and chest and compare those measurements to the size guide for the shirt you are considering. If your dog is between sizes, start by sizing up. You want your dog's shirt to fit snugly, but not too tightly, for both comfort and safety.

Are dog shirts calming?

Some dog shirts are calming and can help your best friend feel calmer during stressful situations. Dog shirts and apparel made specifically for calming are usually called calming vests or anxiety vests. A regular dog shirt may also make your best friend feel better during stress, but if you need serious relief, you may want to try a dog shirt made specifically for this purpose.

Do dog shirts help with shedding?

Dog shirts can help with shedding by containing loose hair until you can brush it away. You can also find canine bodysuits and longer onesies specifically made to contain hair to keep your seats and home a little cleaner. To minimize shedding, be sure to brush and bathe your dog frequently, as well.

Do dogs like to wear shirts?

Many dogs do like shirts and enjoy the added warmth and attention they can bring. Other dogs may not like wearing clothing, so you should always monitor your pup for signs of discomfort or distress. Most dogs will get used to wearing clothing after an initial acclimation period, so start slow and remember to reward and praise your dog for good behavior while wearing clothes.