Waterless Dog Bath

Bathing your beloved canine isn’t always a fun experience. Bath day can begin with a struggle as you attempt to get your precious pooch into the tub. Once the fur is wet, you have to slather on the dog shampoo and rinse it out while trying to stay dry. Luckily, experts recommend bathing your canine once a month, which means less cleaning up for the both of you. On the other hand, a dog who has gone without a bath can become a pretty stinky critter. Keep your canine smelling fresh and feeling clean between baths with waterless bath products from Chewy. Waterless dog shampoo keeps your dog’s coat fresh when it’s not quite time for a full bath. Burt’s Bees waterless shampoo with apple and honey is lovely for your sweet smelling four-legged friend. Honey doesn’t just give the shampoo a sweet smell, but it also helps moisturize the coat and strengthen hair follicles. Eucalyptus is used as a natural deodorizer to keep odors at bay between baths. Your dog may also prefer the gentle cleaning of a dog bath wipe. At Chewy, we carry a wide range of dog bath wipes from brands like Nature’s Miracle waterless shampoo, Earthbath waterless shampoo and Burt’s Bees waterless shampoo. You’ll find waterless bath products for every four-legged friend in your household, from the old and wise to the young pup. Perfect Coat puppy bath wipes provide the perfect clean for your playful pup. Made with aloe vera and lanolin, your pup’s skin and coat will remain moisturized and conditioned despite their hectic play schedule. Bath time is important no matter how hectic, but you don’t need to draw a full bath every time your canine gets a bit messy. Use waterless bath products instead, and keep your pup feeling clean and smelling sweet. Treat your canine to high-quality dog waterless bath products from Chewy’s online pet store that help them look and feel fabulous.

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