Allerpet was created to give people with pet allergies a way to have animals without suffering—whether they’re in need of service animal to help with special needs, or simply want a furry companion in their life. Based on the simple idea to remove allergens before they become airborne, Allerpet was introduced to the public in 1988, after over three years of extensive research. In their research they found that while weekly baths were effective in removing allergens, it wasn’t actually good for the pet’s skin, and over time this would cause dry, flaky skin that could ultimately result in the spread of more allergens. They also found that pet’s skin naturally get drier with age, so that while puppies and kittens shed little dander and cause few problems, they could actually cause allergy problems years down the road—causing attached pet owners to cope with the allergies or give up their loving pet. So with that, Allerpet was created to solve all of these problems. A topical solution that is applied weekly without the need of a bath, it helps to cleanse the animal of dander while moisturizing and replenishing the skin. Non-toxic and completely safe, they have now enjoyed years of success with happy and grateful pet owners with allergies.

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