The founders of Dermpaw had a dog that started licking his paws one night. In just a matter of a few days, he had licked the hair right off his paws. Naturally, they were concerned and took their dog to vet, who prescribed him a medicine. All was good for a few weeks as it started to get better—and then it came back. He lost even more hair, and his skin started to crack and bleed. They went to other vets, got more tests, tried more medicated shampoos, and more steroids. Nothing really worked well, and the poor dog seemed to just be getting worse. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and start experimenting. They tested ingredients on the dog, and on themselves as well. They sent sample jars to organizations, and gave it away to anyone who had dogs with the same problems. It took a lot of help, but within about a year, Dermpaw was born. Now nearly a decade in, over 40,000 dogs have used it, and more than half have come back for more. As for the dog who started it—yes, he’s older, just like the owners, but he hasn’t had skin problems in 7 years. So far so good.

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