At FriendshipCollar, they believe that comfort, style and sustainability are key to a happy relationship with your furry BFF. That’s why they made the friendship collar—hence their company name—a matching collar and bracelet so that pet parents can show off their love for their fur baby, whether they have a feline friend or a canine chum by their side. The matching collars and bracelets symbolize the powerful bond between pet parents and their pets, so whether they’re away at work, school, on vacation or simply in the next room, they can stay connected to their pal however far apart they may be. And FriendshipCollar is committed to animal wellness in all its forms, from creating the world’s first PETA-approved vegan “leather” pet materials, and completely animal cruelty-free, animal product-free products. Plus, they spend a great deal of time and resources supporting local shelters and animal welfare causes in need.

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