Gather by Petcurean was created on the idea that crafting a new kind of pet food using only certified and organic ingredients that were sustainably produced would provide dogs and cats with naturally premium nutrition. Working only with trusted partners to secure sources for the ingredients that go into the Gather line of pet food, Petcurean set strict guidelines for their farmers and ranchers to ensure that they knew where each ingredient in their food comes from and that it was produced ethically, humanely and as nature intended. Every bag of Gather is free from meat by-products, wheat and soy, artificial colors and flavors, and antibiotics and growth hormones, leaving only 100% authentic food from the earth and ocean, with nothing unnatural added. Gather by Petcurean allows pet parents to feel confident that they are feeding their fur babies only the perfectly balanced, all-natural nutrients that they need to be completely happy and healthy.

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