Aquatic Life

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Aquatic Life made its product debut back in 2008 at a tradeshow in Las Vegas, and they have continued to grow their product offering year after year. Owners David Troop and Michael Elliott have been in the industry and keeping aquariums for over 40 years combined, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about how to create a successful and functional product—and every single development is also guided by comments and suggestions by fellow retailers and hobbyists. The result is products that are truly useful, made for fish lovers by fish lovers. Capturing a small company feel that delivers big company results, Aquatic Life operates on the mantra of people, products, and profitability. People come first, with a focus on both the customers they are serving and the talent that it takes to meet those standards, and then comes products, where they aim to have the most innovation selection with the best quality. Profitability comes with their reputable practices, and it all equals the best experience for their customers.