Lilly Brush

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Lilly Brush was created with the motto to “Save our sweaters!” A portable brush that picks up household lint with just a few quick sweeps, this innovative brush is going above and beyond its motto. Because pet owner life comes with its furry share of hair-covered clothing, furniture, cars and just about everything, this brush works wonders to remove all the evidence. A great alternative to lint rollers that can be used again and again, it just so happens to be eco-friendly by cutting down on waste, so that pet owners and their companions can enjoy the planet just a little longer. The versatile design can work on all types of surfaces, including clothing, furniture and carpets, and it comes with an ergonomic handle that makes de-furring a breeze. And, as a special perk, it can even remove those pesky pills from sweaters, without ever damaging the delicate fabric. Never be caught covered in fur again!