Our Name is Mud

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Our Name Is Mud was started by artist and designer Lorrie Veasey. Lorrie’s mother was a potter, so she was exposed to ceramics and an early age and even made her first creation at just age three. In her early twenties, while teaching, Lorrie finally decided to start selling her creations. Initially offering her works at street fairs and festivals throughout New York City, she eventually opened her first of four retail location in 1995. By 2002, Lorrie had launched a wholesale line and was enjoying her growing success. In 2007, the Our Name Is Mud line was sold to Enesco, LLC who helped grow her business, increasing sales and recognition throughout the world. Our Name Is Mud remains working as an independent company and Lorrie’s designs continue to reflect her vivacious personality through bold colors and witty sentiments. She happily works in her studio and continues to strive to produce objects that are functional as well as fun for the perfect addition to any home.