Premium Choice

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Premium Choice made their name as the first company to develop clumping clay litter—and they’ve done everything since to stay at the top of their game. Back in the 40s, their parent company, AMCOL, discovered sodium bentonite for clumping the cat litter, and it’s still the same company they use today to mine the groundbreaking material. And with the planet ever at the forefront, they have a strict philosophy to practice sustainable land management. That means they fill and re-apply all original soil once the strategic dig is complete. This includes seeding with perennials and grasses, preventing erosion, and even creating the occasional stock pond where it previously could not have existed. And it’s all to deliver top-of-the-line litter at every level. Containing as few additives as possible, there’s no magic crystals or special formulas—it’s just a simple, high-quality, scoop-able formula of the purest clay and sodium bentonite available.