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biOrb was created by fish-keeping enthusiasts, out of the simple need to create an aquarium they actually wanted to own. And so, with just a prototype and a keen vision in mind, the company got their first official order in October 2000—and biOrb was officially in motion. The idea was to make fish-keeping accessible and enjoyable to all, while keeping the aquariums ultra-stylish and ever low-maintenance. Using advanced technology that includes everything needed to maintain a healthy aquarium, biOrb strives to keep the fish world clean and healthy. Additionally, their aquariums are made from acrylic instead of glass, because it’s 10 times stronger, as well as noticeably clearer. In fact, acrylic has a transparency rate of 93%, versus the 70% transparency rate of glass, giving a high-definition view of all their striking colors and movements. Plus, biOrbs are designed to be totally safe for fish, as well as the environment, using low-impact and low-waste practices in production.