Cat & Dog Halloween Clothing & Accessories

Halloween is the one time of year where everyone can get into the spirit of playing make believe and wearing silly, fun, scary, classic and creative costumes. And if you’re a pet parent, that means that your four-legged family members can also join in with their own Halloween dog costumes and cat costumes. Of course, those of the feline persuasion might not agree—their plans probably include taking the usual cat naps, stalking their cat toy mice and lounging atop their cat trees, watching their humans play dress up and judging silently from afar. And dog parents might have a pup who doesn’t like to wear elaborate dog costumes, even though it seems like it would be fun. If this is the case, you can try out our not-so-involved Halloween pet apparel and accessories. We have minimalist options so your pet can be in character without even knowing it. For your nautical-themed party, or if you need an extra on your uncharted desert isle, try out the Parisian Pet Captain dog and cat shirt. It has the traditional blue and white stripes along with an embroidered anchor and the word “Captain” on the back, so everyone knows who runs the ship. If you’ve got a crime-fighting pup in the family, they can play the part of an official member of the K-9 unit with the Parisian Pet police dog shirt. For pets with a lot of personality, the Parisian Pet security dog and cat shirt will show everyone at the party who’s really in charge of the guest list. Pets who don’t like wearing shirts can try out the Tail Trends Dia de los Muertos dog bandana. You can also simply switch your pet’s regular dog collar or cat collar with a festive, seasonal one that they can wear not just on Halloween, but for the whole month leading up to it. Cats will appreciate the Country Brook Design Happy Jack featherweight cat collar, which is super lightweight and comfortable, with a cute jack-o’-lantern print and a breakaway safety release. For pups, the Blueberry Pet Halloween Mystery Disguise dog collar and the Blueberry Pet Halloween Harvest pumpkin dog collar are two good options. They feature detachable pumpkin or bat decorations to create the simplest Halloween costumes for dogs. Chewy’s Halloween Shop has all the Halloween pet supplies for your whole fur family. And, don't forget your cat litter or dog kennels while you are finding the perfect Halloween pet treats. Shop Chewy for all your pet supplies today.

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