Artificial Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants are the perfect add-on to your fish tank decorations, but sometimes the additional care needed for other living things besides your fish can require too much upkeep. Fish tank plants give your fish a place to hide, which is essential for their overall health and well-being. Even if you’re not looking to add living plants to your tank, providing your fish those added benefits is encouraged. Artificial aquarium plants are excellent aquarium decorations because they help create a more natural environment as they sway with the current, and they provide safe zones for your fish—not to mention that there’s little to no maintenance required. The Aqueon Fern Aquarium Plant stands 14 inches high and is safe for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. The height is just right to give your aquatic inhabitants the perfect spot to roam in when needed. These artificial aquarium plants have a weighted base to ensure that they sink to the bottom. For extra cushion and security, you can always put some gravel on top of the weighted base. Artificial fish tank plants give your tank added earthiness without the maintenance that comes with live aquarium plants. While these plants may be synthetic, they look extremely lifelike. Check out the Marina Ecoscaper Lobelia Silk Plant, which easily blends in with other fish tank decorations and is made of safe, non-toxic silk material. If you’re interested in aquarium decorations that are suitable for a Betta fish, the Zoo Med Betta Bed Leaf Hammock provides a perfect spot for your Betta fish to relax on. All you do is attach the leaf to the suction cup, and your fish is set to rest. Chewy has many different plant sizes and looks to accommodate your fish tank needs.

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