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Make bath time easier with dog bath and shower accessories from Chewy. If bath time isn’t your pup’s favorite time, there are ways to make it more enjoyable, or at least faster, with the right dog grooming supplies. Bathing your dog is much easier when you use a shower sprayer that’s made for the job. You can get better aim and clean hard-to-reach areas. At Chewy, we carry a wide range of dog shower sprayers from brands like ConairPRO pet washer, Rinse Ace and Waterpik. The ConairPRO Dog Deluxe Pet Washer is designed for gentle washing and deep cleansing. This showerhead features dual settings for a full-body spray or cone-shape curtain spray. The massaging soft rubber fingers provide a gentle massage for the full spa treatment. The 8-foot reinforced hose helps you clean hard-to-reach areas, and the two connectors allow you to connect to your shower, tub or outside hose. The Rinse Ace 3-Way dog shower sprayer offers three settings so you can give your dog the comfort of a professional grooming experience. You can control the stream with a lever that lets you pause and adjust water flow, saving water and allowing you to customize the shower experience. Shift to a light stream for sensitive areas around the eyes and to full stream when a heavy-duty cleaning is required. Stop pet hair from clogging your drains with the Rinse Ace Pet Hair Snare drain catcher. Simply place the snare over your drain to prevent clogs. Avoid pet hair in your tub altogether with the Booster Bath elevated dog bath tub. You can give your canine a professional grooming experience and avoid a mess in your tub plus reward your special friend after with his favorite dog treat or dog food. Turn bath time into a bonding experience with a doggy bath tub plus convenient shower and hose accessories from Chewy where we have the best pet supplies and dog supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bathtubs, Showers & Accessories

What do I need to bathe my dog in the shower?

To bathe your dog in the shower, you need a gentle dog shampoo and some towels for drying. A shower you can easily get your pup into and out of is a must, as well. A shower sprayer will make the process easier, and a non-slip mat will make it more comfortable for your pup. Just add some treats as rewards and an (optional) blow-dryer, and you should be all ready to bathe your dog at home!

What is the best way to bathe a dog in the shower?

The best way to bathe a dog in the shower is by using a dog shower hose or sprayer arm, if your shower has one. A non-slip mat may make the process easier for your pup, as well. Assemble everything you need before you begin, including gentle dog shampoo, towels, and conditioner, if necessary. Go slowly and reward your dog for good behavior with treats and praise.

How do I bathe an unwilling dog?

Bathe an unwilling dog by starting with smaller cleanings and rewarding him for good behavior. Treats and positive words will go a long way in getting a reluctant dog to tolerate baths. You may need to start with simple wipe downs before going for the full bath experience. Make sure to have everything ready in advance, take things slow and create the calmest environment you can. Patience and consistency will usually pay off over time, even with the most unwilling dogs!