Cat Car & Air Fresheners

Traveling with pets can get smelly fast. Heavy cat odors can be unpleasant and off-putting, so it helps to have air fresheners and cat odor absorbers at the ready when you’re on the road. Chewy offers a wide variety of cat air fresheners for your car so you can find one that suits your needs, in a scent that you enjoy. Pet Odor Exterminator air freshener sprays come in a wide variety of scents, including Pineapple Coconut, Mulberry & Spice, Patchouli Amber and Sparkling Juniper to Clothesline Fresh, Orange Lemon Splash and Southern. The Pet Odor Eliminator air freshener sprays are portable, so they can be brought with you on every trip to make sure pet odors don’t rule your life. Just a few pumps of the spray releases powerful enzymes that attack and neutralize pet odors in your home and car. If you are looking for air fresheners that work around the clock, Chewy offers quite a few car air fresheners that you can hide under your seat or hang from your rearview mirror. The Dog is Good “Cat Lover” Air Freshener is a fun option that allows you to proudly display your love of cats while also leaving your car smelling like vanilla. These fun car odor eliminators are made in the USA and will provide up to 60 days of freshness. Pet House candles and air fresheners offers some serious odor-fighting car air freshener options, in scents like Vanilla Crème Brulee, Sunwashed Cotton, Lavender Green Tea and Lilac Garden. Each of Pet House’s car air fresheners are infused with a signature blend of non-toxic essential oils that will neutralize and eliminate pet odors in your car. They also come in a cute paw print shape, so you can let other cars know that you are a serious pet lover. If you have a long car journey in your future, check out Chewy’s selection of car air fresheners to help fight pet odors and keep your car smelling clean. Whether you are looking for some new cat food, cat litter, cat toys or even a new cat tree Chewy's online pet store is where you can find all of the best cat products!

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