Dog Colognes, Perfumes & Deodorizing Sprays

Unlike humans, dogs don’t put on deodorant to freshen up after a long day. Instead, your four-legged friend relies on you to keep them smelling fresh and clean. Don’t let bad odors get between you and your cuddly companion. At Chewy, we feature many quick and easy-to-use products that help to keep your canine smelling fresh. From deodorizing sprays to colognes, we have what you need to cuddle up close with your pup. There are so many brands, scents and ingredients to choose from that it can be difficult to decide on just one. If you’re looking for a dog odor spray with a subtle scent, consider Buddy Wash Original lavender and mint dog spritzer. This simple spray is pH-balanced to meet canine skin needs. A few sprays on your pup’s coat, and you can go back to cuddling with your four-legged friend. If you’re looking for some powerful odor-blocking, consider Nature’s Miracle Supreme Freshening Spray. This four-in-one spray neutralizes odors, deodorizes, freshens and conditions your canine’s coat. The formula is soap-free, which means it’s safe to use with spot-on flea and tick products. The long-lasting Spring Waters scent is refreshing, but not overpowering. The Oster Fresh Snuggles spray keeps your dog’s coat smelling fresh with a long-lasting baby powder scent. Chewy also offers a wide variety of dog grooming products. Whether you a looking for a dog grooming kit, a new dog brush, dog shampoo or maybe a dog grooming table Chewy's online pet store is sure to have everything you may need to have your pup looking their best in no time. Be sure to shop Chewy today for great deals on dog food, dog treats and all of the best dog products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Colognes, Perfumes & Deodorizing Sprays

Are dog perfumes and colognes good for dogs?

Dog perfumes, colognes and deodorizing sprays are good for dogs who need freshening up between baths. It can also be good for dogs with a strong natural odor or those who can't take frequent baths. Avoid relying on dog perfumes and colognes too heavily, as regular baths are necessary for good hygiene.

What are the best dog perfumes and colognes?

The best dog perfumes and colognes will have a long-lasting fragrance that both you and your dog enjoy. Choose hypoallergenic dog colognes or formulas with natural ingredients to avoid irritating your furry friend's skin. You can find aromatherapeutic or calming blends, or choose a scent inspired by a tropical locale or season. There are many exciting scents to choose from, and Chewy has a great selection!

What dog perfume do groomers use?

Groomers use many types of dog cologne and perfume products to make your best friend smell special after a visit. You can get that fresh-from-the-groomer scent with any of the dog colognes we carry at Choose from natural dog colognes designed to soothe or fancy formulas modeled after signature scents for humans. Many formulas are designed to deodorize and linger long after you spray them, too.