Small Animal Dust Baths

Small animals like chinchillas, dwarf hamsters and gerbils are extremely active, and they're fun to watch as they play and scurry about. Perhaps one of the most entertaining behaviors of these creatures is taking a dust bath. If you're a new owner of one of these small pets, you might not be familiar with this natural grooming practice. It sounds counterproductive to use a sand bath to get clean, but not for these desert dwellers. It's a necessary part of their daily routine, especially for chinchillas. Dust baths are great for maintaining cleanliness but also for their mental and physical well-being. They help prevent matting while protecting the coat and absorbing dirt instead of stripping out the natural oils from the skin. In their natural environment, these small animals will roll around in volcanic ash or clay to clean their fur. And your little buddy needs his own special sand bath to do the same. Take a look around the site and you'll find Chewy offers several types of small pet groming products like dust baths and chinchilla sand to fill them with. Kaytee Chinchilla Dust Bath House is something that you can place inside a cage or hang from the side of a wire cage. Kaytee Chinchilla Dust Bath powder is made with natural dusting powder to mimic their natural environment. It absorbs excess oils and moisture, leaving your pet's coat clean and healthy. Pour a layer of dust in a flat plan or chinchilla bath house and give your chinchilla access to it for about five to ten minutes every day or every week. If you prefer a sand bath that's made of a different material other than plastic, try Kaytee Ceramic Critter Bath. It's cute and tiny and fits inside any of the small animal cages Chewy's online pet store offers and it's resistant to odors and stains. No matter which you choose, your small pet is sure to enjoy frolicking and flipping about as he gets clean in his new sand bath. As an alternative to a dust bath you can try using some of the small pet shampoos to help keep your little friend fresh and clean! Remember to shop Chewy for all of your small pet supplies!

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